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Doing these quests will add 31 Inventory!
Quests with choices mean you must select one of the two

Choice Link to Quest Level Start NPC Target NPC SLocation Reward
Choice1Jarette's headacheJarrettJarrettWestern Guard CampBag space +1
Choice1Enthusiastic Claus14ClausClausWestern Guard CampBag space +1
Experience of the Ancients13EdanEdanAncient Stone ChamberBag space +2
Choice2A Very Minute Flaw4VeliaBag space +1
Choice2Eileenís Request4EileenEileenWestern road out of VeliaBag space +1
[Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp15Black SpiritBlack SpiritVelia BeachBag space +1
Crio and Starfish9CrioCrioVelia TownBag space +2
[Co-op] Here Comes the Goblin Chief!17Black SpiritBlack SpiritBag space +1
Military Power in HeidelJordine DucasCruhorn WyrmsbaneHeidelBag space +2
Choice3Puia and the Wooden Box Design17PuiaPuiaHeidelBag space +1
Choice3Techthon and Quality Iron18TechthonTechthon (Blacksmith)HeidelBag space +1
[Co-op] Frenzied Altar Imp Captain20Black SpiritBlack SpiritBag space +1
Donatt's WillCheremioFreharauGlish (Freharau storyline)Bag space +2
Choice4Glazed Naga Oil24SeilaneSeilaneGlishBag space +1
Choice4Injured Adventurers...20GlishBag space +1
[Co-op] Frog on Frog25Black SpiritBlack SpiritGlish (Freharau storyline)Bag space +1
[Co-op] Muskan of Madness30Black SpiritBlack SpiritBloody MonestaryBag space +1
[Co-op] Org the Greedy33Black SpiritBlack SpiritOrc CampBag space +1
[Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper35Black SpiritBlack SpiritBradie FortressBag space +1
[Co-op] Kelcas, the Giant Khuruto36Black SpiritBlack SpiritOld DandelionBag space +1
[Co-op] Tower Offense38Black SpiritBlack SpiritBree Tree RuinsBag space +1
Trent Worker Experience39Spotted TrollSpotted TrollTrentBag space +1
Calpheon Military Representative39Norman RateCastillo del Pas-de-LeonNorthern Wheat PlantationBag space +1
[Co-op] A Big, Smart Guy39Black SpiritBlack SpiritQuint HillBag space +1
Gift for Happiness40Wedding BrideWedding BrideCalpheon CityBag space +1
[Co-op] A large living tree42Black SpiritBlack SpiritMarni Farm Ruins areaBag space +1
[Co-op] The Mad Scientistís Vestiges44Black SpiritBlack SpiritMarni's LabBag space +1
[Co-op] A possessed Giant45Black SpiritBlack SpiritGehaku PlainBag space +1
[Co-op] The Giant Queen45Black SpiritBlack SpiritKeplan VicinityBag space +1
Keplan, Free of Threats47Clam CessoryMarco FaustKeplanBag space +1
[Co-op] Saunil Siege Captain47Black SpiritBlack SpiritBag space +1

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