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Alchemy Recipe Level, XP per Alch, with Buffs and Effects.

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Total Recipes Shown: 77
Icon Recipe XP Per Alch Alchemy Level Buff
Antidote ElixirBeginner 1400Cures Poison
Broken Alchemy StoneSkilled 1
Clear Liquid ReagentBeginner 1400
Clown's BloodApprentice 1800
Defense ElixirApprentice 1460Damage Reduction +5/10
Elixir of AmityApprentice 1920Amity Gain +20/30%
Elixir of AssassinationSkilled 11,610Base Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of Burn RemovalBeginner 1400Cures Burning
Elixir of CarnageSkilled 11,610Down Attack Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of ConcentrationApprentice 1460Accuracy +8/12
Elixir of DeathSkilled 1920Extra Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of Deep SeaSkilled 12,000All AP +10/MAX Stamina +100/MAX HP +100/Back Attack Damage +10%/Down Attack Damage +10%/Air Attack Damage +10%
Elixir of Demihuman HuntApprentice 1920Damage against Demihumans +10/15
Elixir of DetectionSkilled 11,610Critical Hit Damage +50/100%
Elixir of DrainingSkilled 11,610HP Steal 3/5 on Crit
Elixir of EnduranceApprentice 1460Stamina +100/150
Elixir of EnergyApprentice 1460MP Recovery 10/15
Elixir of FrenzySkilled 11,610All DP -10/15 All AP +20/25
Elixir of FuryApprentice 1460All Attack +10/15
Elixir of HemostasisBeginner 1400Cures Bleeding
Elixir of Human HuntApprentice 1920Damage Against Humas +6/11
Elixir of LifeApprentice 1460Max HP +100/150
Elixir of MentalityApprentice 1460Max MP +100/150
Elixir of PerforationSkilled 11,610Defense Nullifying Damage +5 per Back Attack
Elixir of ResistanceApprentice 1460Debuff Resisance monsters +10/15
Elixir of SealApprentice 1460Increase Breath Guage
Elixir of ShockSkilled 1920Critical Hit Chance +2
Elixir of SkySkilled 11,610Air Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of SpellsApprentice 1920Casting Speed +2/3
Elixir of SwiftnessApprentice 1920Movement Speed +2/3
Elixir of TimeApprentice 1920Life Skill EXP +10/15%
Elixir of TrainingApprentice 1920Mount EXP +8/10%
Elixir of WillApprentice 1460Damage From Monsters -15/20%
Elixir of WindApprentice 1920Attack Speed +2/3
Elixir of WingsApprentice 1460Increased Jump Height
Essence of AbundanceApprentice 1900
Essence of Crimson FlameApprentice 1900
Essence of DestructionApprentice 1900
Essence of EnchantmentApprentice 1900
Essence of Magic PowerApprentice 1900
Essence of NatureApprentice 1900
Essence of PerfectionApprentice 1900
Essence of the SunApprentice 1900
EXP ElixirApprentice 1920EXP +15%
Fisher's ElixirApprentice 1920Fish Speed +2
Gem PolisherApprentice 1800
Golden Hand ElixirSkilled 11,610Luck +2/3
Griffon's ElixirArtisan 1920Additional Damage against Kamasylvian Monsters +12
Grim Reaper's ElixirSkilled 11,610HP Steal +1/3
Helix ElixirApprentice 1All Evasion +8
Herbal GunpowderProfessionl 10700
Herbal PoisonProfessionl 10700
Khalk's ElixirSkilled 12,000All Debuff Resistance +10%/Damage Reduction +15/MAX HP +100/Movement Speed +5%
Leather GlazeApprentice 1800
Legendary Beast's BloodApprentice 1800
Looney ElixirProfessionl 1920Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +3%
Metal SolventApprentice 1800
Oil of CorruptionSkilled 11,400
Oil of FortitudeSkilled 11,400
Oil of RegenerationSkilled 11,400
Oil of StormsSkilled 11,400
Oil of the AbyssArtisan 11,400
Oil of TranquilitySkilled 11,400
Perfume of CourageSkilled 12,000All attack +25 Max HP +200 Attack/Cast +
Perfume of SwiftnessSkilled 12,000Weight Limit +200LT/Life EXP +20%/Movement Speed +5/Gathering Speed +5/Fishing Speed +5
Plywood HardenerApprentice 1800
Pure Powder ReagentBeginner 1400
Resurrection ElixirApprentice 1460HP Recovery +10/15
Sinner's BloodApprentice 1800
Special Honey JarBeginner 1
Spirit Perfume ElixirGuru 12,000MAX HP +300/Critical Hit Rate +5
Tyrant's BloodApprentice 1800
Weenie ElixirProfessional 1920
Whale Tendon ElixirSkilled 11,400damage reduction +100/125
Whale Tendon PotionApprentice 1800HP Recovery 500/750 MP/WP/SP 300/500
Wise Man's BloodApprentice 1800
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