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WORK IN PROGRESS (frequent updates) Item IDs for Conan Exiles SpawnItem command:
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ItemID Name Type Description
8001Royal CircletArmorA well-crafted, regal circlet.
8002Royal BreastplateArmorA black and gold breastplate.
8003Royal GauntletsArmorA pair of regal gauntlets.
8004Royal TassetsArmorOrnate tassets of black and gold.
8005Royal GreavesArmorA pair of ornate greaves.
8006Royal CircletArmorA well-crafted, regal circlet.
8007Royal BreastplateArmorA black and gold breastplate.
8008Royal GauntletsArmorA pair of regal gauntlets.
8009Royal TassetsArmorOrnate tassets of black and gold.
8010Royal GreavesArmorA pair of ornate greaves.
10001StoneResource [Harvest]Roughly hewn chunk of stone.
10005BarkResource [Harvest]Strip of bark torn from a tree.
10011WoodResource [Harvest]A log hewn from a tree,
10012BranchResource [Harvest]A sturdy branch fallen from a tree.
10021BoneResource [Harvest]Bones and bone fragments from animals and humans.
10022DragonboneResource [Harvest]Bones taken from a dragon raised to life through terrible ritual.
10023DragonhornResource [Harvest]Horn taken from a dragon raised to life through terrible ritual.
10024Ice ShardResource [Harvest]An ice-shard blessed by Ymir.
11001IronstoneResource [Harvest]Greyish chunk of stone that can be smelted to obtain iron.
11011CoalResource [Harvest]The glowing heart of the forge.
11051CrystalResource [Harvest]Transparent, shimmering stone.
11052SilverstoneResource [Harvest]A chunk of ore flecked with silver fragments.
11053GoldstoneResource [Harvest]A chunk of ore flecked with golden fragments.
11054Gold BarResource [Crafted]An ingot of mostly pure gold.
11055Silver BarResource [Crafted]A soft metal ingot that can be polished to a deep shine.
11056FeatherResource [Harvest]A soft feather, used in fletching and cushioning.
11057Rhino HideResource [Harvest]The untreated skin of a beast.
11058Hyena PeltResource [Harvest]The pelt of a Hyena.
11059Elephant HideResource [Harvest]Where?
11060Feline PeltResource [Harvest]The sleek pelt of a large cat.
11061Bear PeltResource [Harvest]The hairy pelt of a bear.
11062ChitlinResource [Harvest]Pieces of exoskeleton.
11063Bat SkinResource [Harvest]The membranous skin of a bat.
11064ObsidianResource [Harvest]Black glass formed from lava flows.
11065Silver CoinResource [Crafted]A silver coin.
11066Gold CoinResource [Crafted]A gold coin.
11067Silver DustResource [Crafted]A pouch of silver dust.
11068Gold DustResource [Crafted]A pouch of gold dust.
11069Wolf PeltResource [Harvest]The pelt of a wolf.
11070Alchemical BaseResource [Crafted]A standard mixture used to enhance and vivify potions.
11071IvoryResource [Harvest]A white, bonelike material from the tusts and teeth of animals.
11072ClawsResource [Harvest]The claws of some unfortunate beast.
11073Skeleton KeyResource [Harvest]An ornate key that fits any number of chests.
11074Pontoon[Unknown]A floating foundation.
11075Coin MoldResource [Crafted]A mold for minting perfectly rounded coins.
11076CompostResource [Crafted]A handful of decomposed organic matter.
11077Potent CompostResource [Crafted]A handful of odorous, yet powerful, matter.
11078BonemealResource [Crafted]A mixture of fine and coarse bone grindings.
11079BloodResource [Crafted]The crimson hued fluid of life.
11080Frost Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]Plucked from gently waving frost lotus.
11081Frost Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the frost lotus.
11082Yellow Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the yellow lotus.
11083Purple Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]Plucked from gently waving purple lotus.
11084Purple Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small bag of purple lotus powder.
11085Purple Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the purple lotus.
11086Black Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]Plucked from deadly black lotus.
11087Black Lotus PowderResource [Harvest]A small bag of black lotus powder.
11088Black Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the black lotus.
11089Golden Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]Plucked from gently waving golden lotus.
11090Golden Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the golden lotus.
11091Grey Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]Plucked from the gray lotus plant.
11092Grey Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small pouch of gray lotus powder.
11093Grey Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11094Desert Berry-Bush SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11095Highlands Berry-Bush SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11096Hops SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11097Leavening Plant SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11098Asura's Glory SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11099Midnight Blue Flower SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11100Orange Phykos CuttingResource [Harvest]A cutting taken from a Phykos plant.
11101VinesResource [Harvest]A length of vine.
11102Raw AshResource [Harvest]Cold, lifeless ashes.
11103Fragment of PowerResource [Harvest]A stone inscribed with a bizarre symbol.
11104Bracelet MoldResource [Crafted]A mold for casting bracelets from precious metals.
11105Anklet MoldResource [Crafted]A mold for casting anklets from precious metals.
11106Circlet MoldResource [Crafted]A mold for casting circlets from precious metals.
11107Earring MoldResource [Crafted]A mold for casting earrings from precious metals.
11108Insulated WoodResource [Crafted]Wood treated with resin.
11109Lupin SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11110False Mandrake SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11111Sliver of the UnfulfilledResource [Harvest]A manifestation of unfulfilled desire.
11113Aloe SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds that can be planted.
11114Short HandleResource [Crafted]A handle required for crafting high end weapons.
11115Long HandleResource [Crafted]A handle required for crafting high end weapons.
11116Shield FrameResource [Crafted]A shield frame required for crafting high end shields.
11117Sturdy StringResource [Crafted]A strengthened length of string required for crafting high end bows and crossbows.
11118Dagger HandleResource [Crafted]A handle required for crafting high end weapons.
11119Spear HandleResource [Crafted]A handle required for crafting high end weapons.
11120Throwing Axe HandleResource [Crafted]A handle required for crafting high end weapons.
11121Frost Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small bag of frost lotus powder.
11122Yellow Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small bag of yellow lotus powder.
11123Golden Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small bag of golden lotus powder.
11124Crimson Lotus FlowerResource [Harvest]A blossom plucked from the crimson lotus.
11125Crimson Lotus PowderResource [Crafted]A small bag of crimson lotus powder.
11126Crimson Lotus SeedsResource [Harvest]Seeds of the crimson lotus.
11127Albino Bat Demon BloodResource [Harvest]Black liquid that reeks of the outer dark.
11500Corrupted StoneResource [Crafted]A chunk of stone pulsing with corruption.
11501Iron BarResource [Crafted]Basic iron ingot for crude metalworking.
11502Steel BarResource [Crafted]An alloy that is stronger and less brittle than iron.
11551GlassResource [Crafted]Brittle and breakable, glass is best used for ornamentation.
12001Plant FiberResource [Harvest]Assorted stalks, leaves and sprigs torn from plants.
12003GossamerResource [Harvest]Spider silk - soft, strong and lightweight.
12011HideResource [Harvest]The untreated skin of a beast.
12012Thick HideResource [Harvest]Some creatures have thicker skin than others.
12013Reptile HideResource [Harvest]Hide harvested from a reptile.
12511LeatherResource [Crafted]Tanned hide that is commonly used for lightweight armors.
12512Thick LeatherResource [Crafted]Offers a higher degree of protection than regular leather.
12513SilkResource [Crafted]A strong, light thread spun from gossamer.
12514IchorResource [Crafted]A viscous, foul smelling fluid collected from arthropods.
12515Layered SilkResource [Crafted]A strong, light thread spun from gossamer.
12516Hardened LeatherResource [Crafted]Tanned hide that is commonly used for lightweight armors.
13001Feral FleshConsumableRaw flesh harvested from small beasts and fowl.
13002Savoury FleshConsumableRaw flesh harvested from common wild animals.
13003Exotic FleshConsumableRaw flesh harvested from exotic animals.
13011EggConsumableA large nutritious meal.
13012Fat GrubConsumableDisgusting, yet filling.
13013Handful of InsectsConsumableThese will keep starvation at bay. Barely.
13014Small ScorpionConsumableA bite sized scorpion snack with extra sting.
13015SeedsResource [Harvest]Small seeds taken from the foilage of the Exiled Lands.
13051Human FleshConsumableFlesh torn from other humans.
13052Eyes of InnocenceResource [Harvest]Eyes taken from a being of pure innocence.
13053Cooked Human FleshConsumableFlesh torn from other humans.
13501Shredded RoastConsumableCooked scraps of feral meat.
13502Grilled SteakConsumableCooked slab of succulent meat.
13503Roasted HaunchConsumableA cooked haunch of exotic meat.
13540GruelConsumableA thin, foul-smelling gruel.
13550Devil's BonemealConsumableThe crushed bones and marrow of an otherwordly creature.
13597Spoiled GruelConsumableGruel that has turned green.
13598Rotten Devil's BonemealConsumableA stinking mass of black matter.
13599Putrid MeatConsumableWhatever this used to be, it is inedible now.
13600Cooked Abysmal MeatConsumableThe cooked flesh of the abysmal remnant.
13601Arena Ritual OfferingConsumableAn offering to the bloody spectacle of battle.
14001Aloe LeavesResource [Harvest]This spiky plant has well known medicinal properties.
14101Serpent Venom GlandResource [Harvest]Venom swollen glands harvested from serpents.
14102Sand Reaper Toxin GlandResource [Harvest]Toxin gland taken from the monstrous reaper.
14151Yellow Lotus BlossomResource [Harvest]Plucked from gently waving lotus blossoms.
14171BrimstoneResource [Harvest]Foul smelling yellow crystals used in dark rituals.
14172TarResource [Crafted]Thick black substance used for sealing wood.
14173SteelfireResource [Crafted]A volatile mix of tar and brimstone.
14174TwineResource [Crafted]A small length of twine.
14175Dead Woman's HairResource [Crafted]Taken from the tresses of dead women.
14181Tomb DustResource [Harvest]Dust stolen from a tomb.
14182Demon BloodResource [Harvest]Black liquid that reeks of the outer dark.
14183DragonpowderResource [Crafted]A volatile powder created by mashing various alchemical components.
14185Abysmal EyeResource [Harvest]An eye from the Abysmal Remnant.
14186Abysmal FangResource [Harvest]A fang from the Abysmal Remnant.
14187Abysmal FleshConsumableFlesh harvested from the Abysmal Remnant.
14190Grey-flower LupineResource [Harvest]A gray flower used to dye clothing.
14191True IndigoResource [Harvest]A plant with flowers of startling color.
14192Orange PhykosResource [Harvest]An orange, water-dwelling plant.
14193CochinealResource [Harvest]A small insect with brightly colored innards.
14194False MandrakeResource [Harvest]A bush with small berries.
14195Glowing GoopResource [Harvest]A pile of... something that glows.
14196Sandbeast Bile GlandResource [Harvest]A bile gland taken from a supernatural creature.
14197Glowing EssenceResource [Crafted]A glowing gum-like substance.
14199Asura's GloryResource [Harvest]Flower of a magenta hue.
14200Glass FlaskResource [Crafted]A flask for storing liquids.
14201Water-filled Glass FlaskResource [Crafted]A glass flask filled with water.
14601Glass Flask MoldResource [Crafted]A mold used for creating flasks.
15001Human HeartResource [Harvest]Stolen from a chest somewhere.
15002Unblemished Human MeatResource [Harvest]Carefully harvested, this meat is ritually pure.
15003Lingering EssenceResource [Harvest]The last lingering presence of the soul.
15501Heart of a HeroResource [Harvest]The heart of a fallen hero.
15502Ancient Rhino HornResource [Harvest]The horn of an ancient rhinoceros.
15503Ancient Key[Unknown]An ancient key.
15504Heart of the Kinscourge[Unknown]A heart ripped from the chest of the commander of The Silent Legion.
15505Staff of the Triumvirate[Unknown]A staff topped with a serpentine skull.
15506Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate[Unknown]A staff topped with a serpentine skull that has glowing eyes.
15507Diadem of the Giant-kings[Unknown]An orante diadem worn by the Giant-kings.
15508Mask of the Witch Queen[Unknown]A mask worn by the Witch Queen of Lemuria.
15509Tears of Two Races[Unknown]A crystalline tear from Tyros the Deathbringer.
15510The Shining Trapezohedron[Unknown]A crazy angled stone kept within an alien box.
15511Star of the Champion[Unknown]A gleaming jewel on an ornate pin.
15512Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone)[Unknown]A stone containing an enslaved elemental.
15513Essence of the Serpent Ring[Unknown]A black essence left by the Servant of the Ring.
15514Jagged Scourgestone Piece[Unknown]A jagged piece of stone that pulses with power.
15515Shattered Scourgestone Piece[Unknown]A shattered piece of stone that pulses with power.
15516Broken Scourgestone Piece[Unknown]A broken piece of stone that pulses with power.
15517The Keystone[Unknown]A keystone that unlocks the bracelet.
15518Key to Razma's Quarters[Unknown]A key to open the door to Razma's Quarters.
16001Stone ConsolidantResource [Crafted]A mixture for hardening stone pieces.
16002Iron ReinforcementResource [Crafted]An iron frame used to reinforce stone walls.
16003Steel ReinforcementResource [Crafted]A steel frame used to reinforce stonebrick walls.
16011BrickResource [Crafted]Shaped stones for construction.
16012Hardened BrickResource [Crafted]Shaped, furnace-hardened stone for construction.
16021Shaped WoodResource [Crafted]Shaped wood for construction.
17001Dark Dye ColorantDyeA darkening agent for dyes.
17002Light Dye ColorantDyeA lightening agent for dyes.
17010Brown DyeDyeA flask of brown dye.
17011Light Brown DyeDyeA flask of light brown dye.
17012Dark Brown DyeDyeA flask of dark brown dye.
17020Grey DyeDyeA flask of gray dye.
17021Light Grey DyeDyeA flask of light gray dye.
17022Dark Grey DyeDyeA flask of dark gray dye.
17030Cyan DyeDyeA flask of cyan dye.
17031Light Cyan DyeDyeA flask of light cyan dye.
17032Dark Cyan DyeDyeA flask of dark cyan dye.
17040Red DyeDyeA flask of red dye.
17041Light Red DyeDyeA flask of light red dye.
17042Dark Red DyeDyeA flask of dark red dye.
17050Blue DyeDyeA flask of blue dye.
17051Light Blue DyeDyeA flask of light blue dye.
17052Dark Blue DyeDyeA flask of dark blue dye.
17060Green DyeDyeA flask of green dye.
17061Light Green DyeDyeA flask of light green dye.
17062Dark Green DyeDyeA flask of dark green dye.
17070Yellow DyeDyeA flask of yellow dye.
17071Light Yellow DyeDyeA flask of light yellow dye.
17072Dark Yellow DyeDyeA flask of dark yellow dye.
17080Purple DyeDyeA flask of purple dye.
17081Light Purple DyeDyeA flask of light purple dye.
17082Dark Purple DyeDyeA flask of dark purple dye.
17090Orange DyeDyeA flask of orange dye.
17091Light Orange DyeDyeA flask of light orange dye.
17092Dark Orange DyeDyeA flask of dark orange dye.
17093Magenta DyeDyeA flask of magenta dye.
17094Light Magenta DyeDyeA flask of light magenta dye.
17095Dark Magenta DyeDyeA flask of dark magenta dye.
17096Olive Green DyeDyeA flask of olive green dye.
17097Light Olive Green DyeDyeA flask of light olive green dye.
17098Dark Olive Green DyeDyeA flask of dark olive green dye.
17099Ash DyeDyeA flask of ash dye.
17100Light Ash DyeDyeA flask of light ash dye.
17101Dark Ash DyeDyeA flask of dark ash dye.
17102Cimmerian Blue DyeDyeA flask of cimmerian blue dye.
17103Light Cimmerian Blue DyeDyeA flask of light cimmerian blue dye.
17104Dark Cimmerian Blue DyeDyeA flask of dark cimmerian blue dye.
17105Muted Brown DyeDyeA flask of muted brown dye.
17106Light Muted Brown DyeDyeA flask of light muted brown dye.
17107Dark Muted Brown DyeDyeA flask of dark muted brown dye.
17108Tan DyeDyeA flask of tan dye.
17109Light Tan DyeDyeA flask of light tan dye.
17110Dark Tan DyeDyeA flask of dark tan dye.
17111Deep Red DyeDyeA flask of deep red dye.
17112Midnight Blue DyeDyeA flask of midnight blue dye.
17113Abyssal Violet DyeDyeA flask of abyssal violet dye.
17114Cursed Green DyeDyeA flask of cursed green dye.
17115White DyeDyeA flask of white dye.
17116Black DyeDyeA flask of black dye.
18000HopsResource [Harvest]Seed comes of the hop plant.
18001Leavening AgentResource [Harvest]Yeast used in the baking of bread and fermentation of alcohol.
18002HoneyResource [Crafted]The viscous, sweet bounty of bees.
18005Highland BerriesResource [Harvest]Small, red berries.
18006Desert BerriesResource [Harvest]Small, blue berries.
18007Shroom AmanitaResource [Harvest]May not be safe to eat.
18008Puffball MushroomResource [Harvest]A mushroom that violently discharges poisonous spores.
18010Unappetizing FishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from small fish.
18011Savory FishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from fish.
18012Exotic FishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from exotic fish.
18013Dried FishConsumablePreserved fish flesh.
18014Dried MeatConsumablePreserved animal flesh.
18020Unappetizing ShellfishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from middling shellfish.
18021Savory ShellfishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from shellfish.
18022Exotic ShellfishConsumableRaw flesh harvested from exotic shellfish.
18025Dry WoodResource [Crafted]Baked wood ready to burn.
18030ResinResource [Harvest]A syrupy substance bled from trees.
18031OilResource [Crafted]A viscous liquid used for fuel.
18032Highland Berry PulpConsumableRed berry pulp.
18033Desert Berry PulpConsumableBlue berry pulp.
18040IceResource [Harvest]Frozen Water
18041Black IceResource [Harvest]A cold shard from the Outer Dark.
18050FangsResource [Harvest]Large, sharp tooth.
18051HornResource [Harvest]The horns of a beast.
18052FurResource [Harvest]The pelt of a beast.
18053TusksResource [Harvest]A huge tooth.
18054Layered FurResource [Harvest]The pelt of a beast.
18060Star Metal OreResource [Harvest]Both stone and metal from other the heavens.
18061Star Metal BarResource [Crafted]An alloy created from the mysterious star metal ore.
18062Hardened Steel BarResource [Crafted]Steel ingot of adamantine strength.
18070Phykos RumConsumableClear, strong drink with an orange tint.
18071AbsintheConsumablePowerful liquor of a mystically green hue.
18072AleConsumableA most refreshing beverage.
18073Highland WineConsumableWine with a spiced kick.
18074Cactus WineConsumableAn unlikely drink, sweeter than expected.
18075FirewaterConsumableTastes like death, but packs a kick.
18076MeadConsumableDrink made from fermented honey.
18077Resin WineConsumableA darkw ine with a burning bouquet.
18078WineConsumableBounty of the grape, drink of the gods.
18079Honeyed WineConsumableA very sweet wine.
18080Desert WineConsumableA particularly thirst-quenching wine.
18081Shroom BeerConsumableSmells kind of funny, but tastes ok.
18188Volatile GlandResource [Harvest]A bizarre gland that can be used to make explosives.
18199Fish StripsConsumableCooked strips of fish.
18200Cooked FishConsumableSteaming bowl of fish.
18201Cooked Savory FishConsumableSteaming bowl of fish.
18202Cooked Exotic FishConsumableSteaming bowl of fish.
18203Cooked ShellfishConsumableAn assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared.
18204Cooked Savory ShellfishConsumableAn assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared.
18205Cooked Exotic ShellfishConsumableAn assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared.
18206BreadConsumableA loaf of bread.
18207Exotic FeastConsumableA decadent display of choice meats.
18208Savory FeastConsumableHeaps and heaps of glorious meat.
18209Oyster OmeletteConsumableOmelette filled with delicious muscles.
18210Century EggConsumableDark green egg smelling of ammonia.
18211Purified WaterConsumableCrystal-clear water.
18212Feast to YogConsumableA ritualistic meal in honor of Yog.
18213Feral FeastConsumableMounds of cooked, feral meat.
18214Bush JerkyConsumableStrips of feral meat dried and salted.
18215Corrupting BrewConsumableA foreboding liquid of acrid yet sweet aroma.
18216Flavored GruelConsumableGruel with a dash of flavor.
18217Spiced HaunchConsumableA zesty haunch of exotic meat.
18218Feast of SetConsumableA ritualistic meal in honor of Set.
18219Spiced OystersConsumableCooked and zesty oysters.
18220Cooked OysterConsumableOysters served hot.
18221Berry JuiceConsumableSweet drink made from berries.
18222Feast of MitraConsumableA ritualistic meal in honor of Mitra.
18223Meaty MashupConsumableVarious meat scraps cooked together.
18224SoupConsumableA hearty bowl of broth and other bits of food.
18225Enhanced GruelConsumableIt is gruel, but it actually smells good.
18226Cleansing BrewConsumableSmell sharp.
18227Spiced TeaConsumableA zesty brew.
18228Herbal TeaConsumableA medicinal brew.
18229Trail JerkyConsumableStrips of exotic meat dried and salted.
18230Steak and EggsConsumableSlice of meat and sizzling eggs.
18231Spiced SteakConsumableZesty slab of succulent meat.
18232Savory JerkyConsumableStrips of succulent meat dried and salted.
18233Meat StripsConsumableCooked strips of succulent meat.
18234Darfari Bug SoupConsumableFull of things with no legs or too many legs.
18235Spiced SoupConsumableA zesty soup.
18236Aloe SoupConsumableA green soup with no meat at all.
18237Seed SoupConsumableA soup of boiled seeds.
18238Yellow Lotus SoupConsumableSoup boiled from that infamous blossom.
18239Mushroom StewConsumableA stew floating with mushrooms.
18240Roasted MushroomsConsumableBowlful of cooked mushrooms.
18241Mulled BrewConsumableHot and smelling of winter spices.
18242Cimmerian MealConsumableIt's hot, and it's filling.
18243Mushroom TeaConsumableShroom tea with a zesty kick.
18244Hearty StewConsumableChunks of succulent meat floating in a stew.
18245Demon Blood-SausageConsumableLinks of blackened meat.
18246Rhino Head SoupConsumableSoup from a great beast's head.
18247Lasting MealConsumableA heavy and fatty meal.
18248Spiced SliversConsumableZesty meat wrapped in crocodile skin.
18249Exquisite StewConsumableChunks of exotic meat floating in a fine stew.
18250Chili Desert StyleConsumableMeaty and eye-wateringly spiced.
18251Hearty MealConsumableA meal both filling and flavorful.
18252Bone BrothConsumableUnder the delicious broth is something that was recently... human.
18253Spiced and Shredded RoastConsumableZesty scraps of feral meat.
18254Bug KabobConsumableRoasted bugs on a skewer.
18255Spiced EggConsumableZesty cooked eggs.
18256Egg surpriseConsumableA delicious looking egg...
18257Cooked EggsConsumableEggs sizzling hot.
18258Dried BerriesConsumableA handful of dried berries.
18259Salted BerriesConsumableA small snack both savory and sweet.
18260Feast of YmirConsumableA ritualistic meal in honor of Ymir.
18261Oyster FleshConsumableRaw flesh harvested from an oyster.
18263SaltConsumableWhite crystalline granules.
18264SpiceConsumablePowdered, exotic flavors.
18268Honeyglazed RoastConsumableZesty scraps of feral meat, drenched in honey.
18269Honeyed EggsConsumableEggs sizzling hot with a light covering of honey.
18270Mystery Meat SoupConsumableUnder the delicious broth is something that was recently... human.
18271Honeyed GruelConsumableIt is gruel, but it actually smells good.
18272Honey JerkyConsumableStrips of exotic meat dried, salted and drenched in honey.
18273HoneybreadConsumableA loaf of bread that smells of honey.
18274Ice TeaConsumableA medicinal brew that smells of honey.
18275Potion of EndowmentConsumableBigger is always better no matter what they say.
18276Blood SausageConsumableLinks of meat held together by innards. Tasty.
18291Black Lotus PotionConsumableBrewed from the deadly petals of the black lotus.
18500BeehiveSurvivalBuzzing hive of honey-producing bees.
18512Artisan's WorktableDecorationA table with all the tools required for miscellaneous creations.
20000XX_Generic Animal Weapon[Unknown]Health Damage: 13 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20001XX_Rocknose[Unknown]Health Damage: 31 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20002XX_Rhino, Grey[Unknown]Health Damage: 56 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20003XX_Hyena, Spottled[Unknown]Health Damage: 13 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20004XX_Locust, Green[Unknown]Health Damage: 39 | Armor Penetration: 7%
20005XX_Cobra[Unknown]Health Damage: 16 | Armor Penetration: 15%
20006XX_Scorpion, Tiny[Unknown]Health Damage: 0 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20007XX_Spider, Redmouth[Unknown]Health Damage: 23 | Armor Penetration: 7%
20008XX_Kappa[Unknown]Health Damage: 20 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20009XX_Bat Demon[Unknown]Health Damage: 51 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20010XX_Imp[Unknown]Health Damage: 12 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20011XX_Rocknose, King[Unknown]Health Damage: 122 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20012XX_Rhino, White[Unknown]Health Damage: 56 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20013XX_Rhino, Black[Unknown]Health Damage: 56 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20014XX_Rhino, King[Unknown]Health Damage: 182 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20015XX_Scorpion, Medium[Unknown]Health Damage: 20 | Armor Penetration: 15%
20016XX_Scorpion, Large[Unknown]Health Damage: 26 | Armor Penetration: 15%
20017XX_Scorpion, King[Unknown]Health Damage: 78 | Armor Penetration: 30%
20018XX_Kappa, King[Unknown]Health Damage: 78 | Armor Penetration: 0%
20019XX_Spider, Green[Unknown]Health Damage: 28 | Armor Penetration: 7%
20020XX_Spider, Brown[Unknown]Health Damage: 17 | Armor Penetration: 7%
20021XX_Spider, Widow[Unknown]Health Damage: 35 | Armor Penetration: 7%
30001Scrawled Note[Unknown]A note scrawled on flimsy paper.
30002Leather Journal[Unknown]A leather journal.
30003Prayer to Hanuman[Unknown]A brief prayer to Hanuman.
30004Scribbled Note[Unknown]A note speculating about the nature of strength.
30005Torn Parchment[Unknown]A piece of parchment with crazed scribblings.
30006Razma's Journal #1[Unknown]
30007Razma's Journal #2[Unknown]
30008Razma's Journal #3[Unknown]
30009Razma's Journal #4[Unknown]
30010Razma's Journal #5[Unknown]
30011Razma's Journal #6[Unknown]
30012Razma's Journal #7[Unknown]
30013Razma's Journal #8[Unknown]
30014Etched Note[Unknown]
30015First Mate's Report[Unknown]
30016Black Hand Shanty[Unknown]
30017Salaceo's Instructions[Unknown]
30018Hunter's Note - Shalebacks[Unknown]
30019Priest's Journal[Unknown]
30020Hunter's Note - Hyenas[Unknown]
30021Hunter's Note - Imps[Unknown]
30022Hunter's Note - Crocodiles[Unknown]
30023Mercenary's Diary Page[Unknown]
30024Waterstained Note[Unknown]
41031Improvised TorchWeapon
41032Sealed WaterskinSurvivalA sealed leather skin for storing water.
41034Hand LanternWeapon
51001Stone PickTool
51002Iron PickTool
51003Steel PickTool
51011Stone HatchetTool
51012Iron HatchetTool
51013Steel HatchetTool
51031Repair HammerToolHeavy, unwieldy hammer for repairing structures.
51043Two-Handed Stone SwordWeapon
51151Iron WarhammerWeapon
51152Stone MaulWeapon
51153Sledge of Tsotha-lantiWeapon
51184Bone ArrowsWeaponPrimitive arrows made from bone.
51301Stone ClubWeapon
51302Yoggite CudgelWeapon
51304Mitraen AnkhWeapon
51401Hunting BowWeapon
51402Hyrkanian BowWeapon
51403Exceptional Hunting BowWeapon
51404Flawless Hunting BowWeapon
51452Exceptional CrossbowWeapon
51453Flawless CrossbowWeapon
51499Flawless Carapace ShieldShield
51500Shell ShieldShield
51501Exceptional Shell ShieldShield
51502Flawless Shell ShieldShield
51594Stone SpearWeapon
51600Wooden ShieldShield
51601Bone ShieldShield
51602Wooden TargeWeapon
51611Iron TargeWeapon
51621Steel Heater ShieldShield
51622Lantern ShieldShield
51623Ancient ShieldShield
51624Stygian ShieldShield
51625Setite ShieldShield
51626Exceptional Steel Heater ShieldShield
51627Flawless Steel Heater ShieldShield
51711Iron PikeWeapon
51712Steel TridentWeapon
51715Stone PikeWeapon
51721Steel TridentWeapon
51722Gavain's Rusty PikeWeapon
51801Stone SwordWeapon
51811Iron BroadswordWeapon
51812Stygian KhopeshWeapon
51813Ancient KhopeshWeapon
51814Exceptional Iron BroadswordWeapon
51815Flawless Iron BroadswordWeapon
51816Phoenix-engraved SwordWeapon
51817Serpent-stamped KhopeshWeapon
51818Exceptional Stygian KhopeshWeapon
51823Exceptional CutlassWeapon
51832Dry ScraperWeapon
51833Darfari AxeWeapon
51834El's DrinkerWeapon
51835Tulwar of Amir KhurumWeapon
51836Exceptional LongswordWeapon
51837Flawless LongswordWeapon
51850Darfari CudgelWeapon
51851Cimmerian Battle-axeWeapon
51853Darfari SwordWeapon
51854Yog CleaverWeapon
51855Yoggite CudgelWeapon
51902Setite Ritual KnifeWeapon
51912Throwing AxeWeapon
51922Yoggite Bone SpearWeapon
51931Stygian SpearWeapon
51951Stone DaggersWeapon
51952Iron PoniardWeapon
51953Steel PoniardWeapon
51954Dagger of Nameless DaysWeapon
51955Exceptional Iron PoniardWeapon
51956Flawless Iron PoniardWeapon
51961Fiber BindingsWeapon
51962Rawhide BindingsWeapon
51963Leather BindingsWeapon
51964Chain BindingsWeapon
51965Bindings of Dead Women's HairWeaponA rope made from the tresses of dead women.
51971Demon-fire OrbResource [Crafted]A glass orb that shimmers with fire.
51972Grease OrbResource [Crafted]A glass orb filled with a greasy substance.
51973Water OrbResource [Crafted]A glass orb filled with water.
51974Gaseous OrbResource [Crafted]A glass orb filled with green gas.
52001Light TurbanArmor
52002Light ChestpieceArmor
52003Light GauntletsArmor
52004Light WrapArmor
52005Light BootsArmor
52011Medium CapArmor
52012Medium HarnessArmor
52013Medium GauntletsArmor
52014Medium TassetArmor
52015Medium BootsArmor
52021Heavy HelmetArmor
52022Heavy PauldronArmor
52023Heavy GauntletsArmor
52024Heavy TassetArmor
52025Heavy SabatonsArmor
52061XX_Stygian HeaddressArmor
52062XX_Stygian VestArmor
52064XX_Stygian ShendytArmor
52065XX_Stygian SandalsArmor
52071Darfari Watcher MaskArmor
52072Darfari Skin ChestpieceArmor
52073Darfari Skin BracersArmor
52074Darfari Skin SkirtArmor
52075Darfari Skin GreavesArmor
52076Darfari Speaker MaskArmor
52081Sandstorm Breathing MaskArmor
52092Chest WrapArmor
52101Zamorian Dancer HeaddressArmor
52102Zamorian Dancer BlouseArmor
52103Zamorian Dancer BraceletsArmor
52104Zamorian Dancer SkirtArmor
52105Zamorian Dancer AnkletsArmor
52111XX_Stygian Dancer HeaddressArmor
52112XX_Stygian Dancer BlouseArmor
52113XX_Stygian Dancer BraceletsArmor
52114XX_Stygian Dancer SkirtArmor
52115XX_Stygian Dancer AnkletsArmor
52202Coarse TunicArmor
52203Coarse HandwrapsArmor
52204Coarse LeggingsArmor
52205Coarse FootwrapsArmorFootwraps woven from fibrous plants.
52212Leather ApronArmorA leather apron for smithing.
52213Leather WorkglovesArmor
52221Shemite TurbanArmor
52222Shemite TunicArmor
52224Shemite LeggingsArmor
52225Shemite ShoesArmor
52301Exceptional Light TurbanArmor
52302Exceptional Light ChestpieceArmor
52303Exceptional Light GauntletsArmor
52304Exceptional Light WrapArmor
52305Exceptional Light BootsArmor
52401Flawless Light TurbanArmor
52402Flawless Light ChestpieceArmor
52403Flawless Light GauntletsArmor
52404Flawless Light WrapArmor
52405Flawless Light BootsArmor
52501Setite MaskArmor
52502Setite ChokerArmor
52504Setite ShendytArmor
52505Setite SandalsArmor
52511Yoggite Watcher MaskArmor
52512Yoggite Skin ChestpieceArmor
52513Yoggite Skin BracersArmor
52514Yoggite Skin SkirtArmor
52515Yoggite Skin GreavesArmor
52522Mitraen TunicArmor
52523Mitraen GlovesArmor
52524Mitraen BreechesArmor
52525Mitraen ShoesArmor
52532Black Hand VestArmor
52534Black Hand TrousersArmor
52541Relic Hunter TurbanArmor
52542Relic Hunter ShirtArmor
52543Relic Hunter GlovesArmor
52544Relic Hunter TrousersArmor
52545Relic Hunter BootsArmor
52551Hyena Skull HelmetArmorA helmet crafted from the skull of Hyena.
52896Perfected Medium Helmet PaddingArmor
52897Perfected Medium Chest PaddingArmor
52898Perfected Medium Gauntlet LiningArmor
52899Perfected Medium Legging LiningArmor
52900Perfected Medium Boot LiningArmor
52911Medium Helmet PaddingArmor
52912Medium Chest PaddingArmor
52913Medium Gauntlet LiningArmor
52914Medium Legging LiningArmor
52915Medium Boot LiningArmor
53001Aloe ExtractConsumableExtract of the aloe plant.
53011Violet CureallConsumable
53101Yellow Lotus PotionConsumable
53201Reaper PoisonConsumable
53202XX_Demon's Bane[Unknown]
53501Purified FleshConsumable
53503Set AntidoteConsumable
53511Flinthead BoltsConsumable
53512Ironhead BoltsConsumable
53513Razor BoltsConsumable
53514Fire BoltsConsumable
53551Offering to Yog[Unknown]
53552Offering to Mitra[Unknown]
53553Offering to Set[Unknown]
53554Offering to Mitra[Unknown]
53611Flinthead ArrowsWeapon
53612Ironhead ArrowsWeapon
53613Razor ArrowsWeapon
53614Fire ArrowsWeapon
53651Snake ArrowsWeaponVenomous snakes transformed into deadly arrows.
55001True Name of Set[Unknown]Use to invoke the Avatar of Set.
55002True Name of Yog[Unknown]
55003True Name of Mitra[Unknown]
55100Manifestation of Zeal[Unknown]
60001Eyes of Hanuman[Unknown]
80102Bed - FoldedBuilding
80103Bed - StygianBuilding
80111Rawhide BedrollSurvival
80112Fiber BedrollSurvival
80121Sandstorm TentBuilding
80131Water WellBuilding
80132Large Water WellBuilding
80151Training DummyBuilding
80152Archery TargetBuilding
80171SpikeConstruction T1This spike can be decorated with various skulls.
80202Table - RoundBuilding
80208Small CrateSurvival
80209Small CrateSurvival
80210Simple PalisadeConstruction T1A bundle of sharpened stakes.
80211Wall PalisadeConstruction T1A barricade of high sharpened stakes.
80217Wooden FenceConstruction T1A crude wooden fence.
80251Square StoolBuilding
80252Round StoolBuilding
80253Woven StoolBuilding
80271Log BenchBuilding
80281Stone ThroneBuilding
80301Wooden SignpostBuilding
80302Wall SignBuilding
80311Papyrus ScrollBuilding
80501Standing TorchBuilding
80503Stygian BrazierBuilding
80511Bracketed TorchBuilding
80515Wall LanternBuilding
80521Candle StubBuilding
80522White CandleBuilding
80523Black CandleBuilding
80531Radium GemBuilding
80561Wall ChainsBuilding
80621Hide RugBuilding
80651Earthenware JugBuilding
80661Iron PotBuilding
80663Iron PanBuilding
80672Wine KegBuilding
80673Ale KegBuilding
80701Stygian FlagBuilding
80721Small BannerBuilding
80722Medium BannerBuilding
80733Large BannerBuilding
80753Darfari Wind ChimesBuilding
80811LadderConstruction T1A simple wooden ladder.
80851Wooden BoxSurvivalA wooden box for storing items.
80852Large ChestSurvivalA large chest for storing items.
80853VaultSurvivalA vault for storing valuable items.
80901Explosive JarBuilding
80911Iron Leg-hold TrapBuilding
80912Spike TrapBuilding
80913Wooden Leg-hold TrapBuilding
80914Dust TrapBuilding
80951Sepulcher of SetBuilding
80952Altar of SetBuilding
80953Sanctum of SetBuilding
80961Pit of YogBuilding
80962Rift of YogBuilding
80963Abyss of YogBuilding
80971Shrine of MitraSurvival
80972Santuary of MitraBuilding
80973Temple of MitraBuilding
80975Statue of RefreshmentBuilding
80976Statue of GuidanceBuilding
81001White Rhino Head TrophyBuilding
81002Black Rhino Head TrophyBuilding
81003Rhino King Head TrophyBuilding
81004Grey Rhino Head TrophyBuilding
81005Gazelle Head TrophyBuilding
81006Kudo Head TrophyBuilding
81007Antelope Head TrophyBuilding
81008Rocknose Head TrophyBuilding
81009King Rocknose Head TrophyBuilding
82001White Rhino HeadBuilding
82002Black Rhino HeadBuilding
82003Rhino King HeadBuilding
82004Grey Rhino HeadBuilding
82005Gazelle HeadBuilding
82006Kudu HeadBuilding
82007Antelope HeadBuilding
82008Rocknose HeadBuilding
82009King Rocknose HeadBuilding
88882Skull RopeBuilding
88883Fence - StakeBuilding
88884Bone Pile 1Building
88885Bone Pile 2Building
88887Stick Skull 1Building
88888Stick Skull 2Building
88889Stick Skull 4Building
88890Skeleton Skull 2Building
88891Skull HighBuilding
89103Firebowl CauldronBuilding
89201Armorer's BenchBuilding
89301Blacksmith's BenchBuilding
89401Carpenter's BenchBuilding
89801Siege FoundationConstruction T1A foundation for building siege equipment.
89811Trebuchet BaseConstruction T1A rotating base for a trebuchet.
89812Trebuchet FrameConstruction T1A wooden frame for a trebuchet.
89813Trebuchet ArmConstruction T1A siege engine for hurling heavy loads.
89851Siege BoulderConstruction T1Ammunition for the trebuchet.
89852Demon-Fire Barrage[Unknown]Ammunition for the trebuchet.
89853XX_Rotting Corpse[Unknown]
89901Lashing Post (1 slot)[Unknown]Lashing Post (1 slot).
89911Lesser Wheel of PainSurvivalA wheel that strengthens the body as it breaks the mind.
89912Wheel of PainSurvivalA wheel that strengthens the body as it breaks the mind.
89913Greater Wheel of PainSurvivalA wheel that strengthens the body as it breaks the mind.
89919XX_Wheel of Pain Instant DEVSurvivalWheel of Pain XXL (8 slots).
90000Map Room[Unknown]A map showing the ancient kingdom of the Giant-kings.
90001Sandstone FoundationConstruction T1A square foundation piece made of sandstone.
90002Sandstone WallConstruction T1A square wall piece made of sandstone.
90003Sandstone CeilingConstruction T1A square ceiling piece made of sandstone.
90004Sandstone DoorFrameConstruction T1A doorframe made of sandstone.
90005Sandstone StairsConstruction T1Stairs of sandstone.
90006Sandstone WedgeConstruction T1A wedge shaped piece of sandstone.
90007Sandstone FrameConstruction T1A sandstone wall with space for a window.
90008Simple Wooden DoorConstruction T1A simple wooden door.
90009Sandstone PillarConstruction T1A pillar made of sandstone.
90010Sandstone FenceConstruction T1A fence piece made of sandstone.
90011Sandstone Wedge FoundationConstruction T1A triangle foundation made of sandstone.
90013Thatch Sloped RoofConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90014Thatch Wedge Sloped RoofConstruction T1A triangle sloped roof piece.
90015Left-sloping Sandstone WallConstruction T1A sloped wall piece.
90017Right-sloping Sandstone WallConstruction T1A sloped wall piece.
90018Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped RoofConstruction T1A triangle sloped roof piece.
90019Sandstone WindowConstruction T1A square window piece made of sandstone.
90020Sandstone Fence FoundationConstruction T1A foundation for placing walls and fences.
90023Thatch Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90024Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90025Reinforced Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90026Inverted Thatch Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90027Inverted Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90028Inverted Reinforced Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90029Thatch Rooftop EndConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90030Wooden Rooftop EndConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90031Reinforced Wooden Rooftop EndConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90032Thatch RooftopConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90033Wooden Rooftop EndConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90034Reinforced Wooden RooftopConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90035Thatch Rooftop CornerConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90036Wooden Rooftop CornerConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90037Reinforced Wooden Rooftop CornerConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90038Thatch Rooftop JunctionConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90039Wooden Rooftop JunctionConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90040Reinforced Wooden Rooftop JunctionConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90041Thatch Rooftop IntersectionConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90042Wooden Rooftop IntersectionConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90043Reinforced Wooden Rooftop IntersectionConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90044Thatch Rooftop CapConstruction T1A sloped roof piece.
90045Wooden Rooftop CapConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90046Reinforced Wooden Rooftop CapConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90047Thatched AwningConstruction T3Thatch supported by wooden beams.
90048Thatched Awning CornerConstruction T3Thatch supported by wooden beams.
90049Insulated Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90050Black Ice-Reinforced Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T3A sloped roof piece.
90051Inverted Insulated Wooden Sloped Roof CornerConstruction T2A sloped roof piece.
90069Sandstone Stairs CornerConstruction T1Stairs of sandstone.
90070Stonebrick Stairs CornerConstruction T2
90072Insulated Wooden Stairs CornerConstruction T2
90078Stonebrick StairsConstruction T2
90080Insulated Wooden StairsConstruction T2
90101Stonebrick FoundationConstruction T2
90102Stonebrick WallConstruction T2
90103Stonebrick CeilingConstruction T2
90104Stonebrick DoorframeConstruction T2
90105Stonebrick Stairs (rail)Construction T2
90106Stonebrick WedgeConstruction T2
90107Stonebrick FrameConstruction T2
90108Reinforced Wooden DoorConstruction T2
90109Stonebrick PillerConstruction T2
90110Stonebrick FenceBuilding
90111Stonebrick Wedge FoundationConstruction T2
90113Wooden Sloped RoofConstruction T2
90114Wooden Wedge Sloped RoofConstruction T2
90115Left-sloping Stonebrick WallConstruction T2
90117Right-sloping Stonebrick WallConstruction T2
90118Inverted Wooden Wedge Sloped RoofConstruction T2
90120Stonebrick Fence FoundationBuilding
90121Stonebrick GatewayBuilding
90122Stonebrick GateBuilding
90201Reinforced Stone FoundationBuilding
90202Reinforced Stone WallBuilding
90203Reinforced Stone CeilingBuilding
90204Reinforced Stone DoorwayBuilding
90205Reinforced Stone StairsBuilding
90206Reinforced Stone WedgeBuilding
90207Reinforced Stone FrameBuilding
90208Heavy Reinforced DoorBuilding
90209Reinforced Stone PillarBuilding
90210Reinforced Stone FenceBuilding
90211Reinforced Stone Wedge FoundationBuilding
90213Tiled Sloped RoofBuilding
90214Tiled Wedge Sloped RoofBuilding
90215Left-sloping Reinforced Stone WallBuilding
90217Right-sloping Reinforced Stone WallBuilding
90218Inverted Tiled Wedge Sloped RoofBuilding
90219Heavy Reinforced Door[Unknown]
90220Reinforced Stone Fence FoundationBuilding
90221Reinforced Stone GatewayBuilding
90222Reinforced Stone GatewayBuilding
90225Elevator VerticalConstruction T1A mechanism that allows vertical travel without climbing.
90226Elevator HorizontalConstruction T1A mechanism that allows horizontal travel.
90243Insulated Wooden FoundationConstruction T2
90244Insulated Wooden WallConstruction T2
90245Insulated Wooden CeilingConstruction T2
90246Insulated Wooden DoorwayConstruction T2
90247Insulated Wooden Stairs (rail)Construction T2
90248Insulated Wooden WedgeConstruction T2
90249Insulated Wooden FrameConstruction T2
90250Insulated Wooden DoorConstruction T2
90251Insulated Wooden PillarConstruction T2
90253Insulated Wooden Wedge FoundationConstruction T2
90254Tiled Sloped Insulated Wooden RoofConstruction T2
90255Tiled Wedge Insulated Wooden Sloped RoofConstruction T2
90256Left-sloping Insulated Wooden WallConstruction T2
90257Right-sloping Insulated Wooden WallConstruction T2
90258Inverted Tiled Wedge Insulated Wooden Sloped RoofConstruction T2
90284Sandstone Hatch FrameConstruction T1A hatch frame made of sandstone.
90289Crude Hatch DoorConstruction T1A door made to fit a hatch frame.
90294Left-sloping Inverted Sandstone WallConstruction T1A sloping wallpiece.
90295Left-sloping Inverted Stonebrick WallConstruction T2
90297Left-sloping Inverted Insulated Wood WallConstruction T2
90299Right-sloping Inverted Sandstone WallConstruction T1A sloping wallpiece.
90300Right-sloping Inverted Stonebrick WallConstruction T2
90302Right-sloping Inverted Insulated Wood WallConstruction T2
90304Vertical Support BeamConstruction T1A wooden support beam.
90305Diagonal Support BeamConstruction T1A diagonal wooden support beam.
90306Sandstone RampConstruction T1A ramp made out of sandstone.
90307Sandstone Ramp CornerConstruction T1A ramp made out of sandstone.
90308Stonebrick RampConstruction T2
90309Stonebrick Ramp CornerConstruction T2
90312Insulated Wooden RampConstruction T2
90313Insulated Wooden Ramp CornerConstruction T2
90316Sandstone Wall CapConstruction T1A wall made of sandstone.

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