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*If these recipes fail use more ingredients or raise Alchemy level*

Blood 1: Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah
Blood 2: Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon
Blood 3: Weasel, Fox, Racoon
Blood 4: Bear, Troll, Ogre
Blood 5: Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku
Recipe Level Ingredient 1 Quanitiy Ingredient 2 Quanitiy Ingredient 3 Quanitiy Ingredient 4 Quanitiy Ingredient 5 Quanitiy Effect
Antidote ElixirBeginner 1Pure Powder Reagent1Weeds1Blood 22Olive Oil30Cures Poison
Clear Liquid ReagentBeginner 1Salt1Sunrise Herb1Weeds1Purified Water10
Clown's BloodApprentice 1Spirit's Leaf1Powder of Darkness1Clear Liquid Reagent1Blood 120
Defense ElixirApprentice 1Clear Liquid Reagent1Ash Sap6Blood 25Purified Water30Damage Reduction +5/10
Elixir of AmityApprentice 1Legendary Beast's Blood1Fire Flake Flower5Ash Sap6Black Stone Powder30Amity Gain +20/30%
Elixir of AssassinationSkilled 1Oil of Regeneration1Pure Powder Reagent5Amanita Mushroom4Red Tree Lump2Trace of Memory2Base Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of Burn RemovalBeginner 1Clear Liquid Reagent1Purified Water1Fruit2Weeds20Cures Burning
Elixir of CarnageSkilled 1Oil of Corruption1Pure Powder Reagent7Tiger Mushroom6Spirit's Leaf3Trace of Earth3Down Attack Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of ConcentrationApprentice 1Clear Liquid Reagent1Cloud Mushroom3Wild Grass2Blood 430Accuracy +8/12
Elixir of DeathSkilled 1Oil of Tranquility1Clear Liquid Reagent6Ancient Mushroom2Ash Sap7Trace of Death2Extra Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of Demihuman HuntApprentice 1Sinner's Blood1Arrow Mushroom4Fir Sap4Black Stone Powder30Damage against Demihumans +10/15
Elixir of DetectionSkilled 1Oil of Storms1Pure Powder Reagent6Truffle Mushroom3Old Tree Bark2Trace of Savagery3Critical Hit Damage +50/100%
Elixir of DrainingSkilled 1Oil of Fortitude1Clear Liquid Reagent4Hump Mushroom3Birch Sap4Trace of Forest2HP Steal 3/5 on Crit
Elixir of EnduranceApprentice 1Pure Powder Reagent1Dwarf Mushroom2Birch Sap5Blood 440Stamina +100/150
Elixir of EnergyApprentice 1Pure Powder Reagent1Blood 34Purified Water3Small MP Potion 20MP Recovery 10/15
Elixir of FisherApprentice 1Wise Man's Blood1Sunrise Herb6Fir Sap3Powder of Flame20Fish Speed +2
Elixir of FrenzySkilled 1Oil of Regeneration1Clear Liquid Reagent5Cedar Sap5Trace of Battle3Ghost Mushroom2All DP -10/15 All AP +20/25
Elixir of FuryApprentice 1Dwarf Mushroom4Ash Sap1Blood 44Purified Water30All Attack +10/15
Elixir of Golden HandSkilled 1Oil of Storms1Clear Liquid Reagent4Fog Mushroom4Trace of Hunting3Fir Sap6Luck +2/3
Elixir of HemostasisBeginner 1Pure Powder Reagent1Cloud Mushroom1Ash Sap1Purified Water30Cures Bleeding
Elixir of Human HuntApprentice 1Clown's Blood1Fortune Teller's Mushroom5Maple Sap5Black Stone Powder30Damage Against Humas +6/11
Elixir of LifeApprentice 1Pure Powder Reagent1Silver Azalea3Blood 35Small HP Potion30Max HP +100/150
Elixir of MentalityApprentice 1Clear Liquid Reagent1Ash Sap5Purified Water3Small MP Potion 30Max MP +100/150
Elixir of PenetrationSkilled 1Oil of Corruption1Clear Liquid Reagent6Bluffer Mushroom3Pine Sap5Trace of Violence3Back Attack damage +30/50
Elixir of ResistanceApprentice 1Cloud Mushroom3Birch Sap1Blood 17Purified Water30Debuff Resisance monsters +10/15
Elixir of SealApprentice 1Dwarf Mushroom3Birch Sap1Blood 14Purified Water50Increase Breath Guage
Elixir of ShockSkilled 1Clown's Blood1Tiger Mushroom5Cedar Sap7Powder of Time30Critical Hit Chance +2
Elixir of SkySkilled 1Oil of Tranquility1Pure Powder Reagent6Emperor Mushroom5Bloody Tree Knot3Trace of Ascension3Air Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of SpellsApprentice 1Tyrant's Blood1Fire Flake Flower5Maple Sap3Powder of Darkness20Casting Speed +2/3
Elixir of SwiftnessApprentice 1Legendary Beast's Blood1Arrow Mushroom5Birch Sap5Powder of Darkness20Movement Speed +2/3
Elixir of TimeApprentice 1Wise Man's Blood1Fire Flake Flower7Maple Sap5Powder of Time20Life Skill EXP +10/15%
Elixir of TrainingApprentice 1Legendary Beast's Blood1Silver Azalea1Pine Sap5Powder of Crevice20Mount EXP +8/10%
Elixir of WillApprentice 1Pure Powder Reagent1Sunrise Herb4Blood 16Purified Water30Damage From Monsters -15/20%
Elixir of WindApprentice 1Wise Man's Blood1Fortune Teller's Mushroom5Pine Sap5Powder of Darkness20Attack Speed +2/3
Elixir of WingsApprentice 1Silver Azalea2Ash Sap1Blood 44Purified Water50Increased Jump Height
Elixir of WorkerApprentice 1Sinner's Blood1Silver Azalea6Ash Sap4Powder of Flame20Gather Speed +2
Essence of AbundanceApprentice 1Fruit of Abundance2Cloud Mushroom6Birch Sap6Trace of Ascension20
Essence of Crimson FlameApprentice 1Fruit of Crimson Flame2Dwarf Mushroom6Ash Sap6Trace of Ascension20
Essence of DestructionApprentice 1Fruit of Destruction2Silver Azalea6Pine Sap6Powder of Flame20
Essence of EnchantmentApprentice 1Fruit of Enchantment2Fire Flake Flower3Ash Sap4Powder of Darkness20
Essence of Magic PowerApprentice 1Fruit of Magic Power2Dry Mane Grass6Birch Sap6Powder of Darkness20
Essence of NatureApprentice 1Fruit of Nature2Fortune Teller's Mushroom6Maple Sap6Trace of Earth20
Essence of PerfectionApprentice 1Fruit of Perfection2Sunrise Herb6Maple Sap6Powder of Flame20
Essence of the SunApprentice 1Fruit of the Sun2Arrow Mushroom6Pine Sap6Trace of Earth20
Experience of ElixirApprentice 1Clown's Blood1Dry Mane Grass7Pine Sap5Powder of Flame20EXP +15%
Gem PolisherApprentice 1Trace of Origin2Pure Powder Reagent1Processed Coal4Purified Water60
GemstonesApprentice 1Any Rare Gem7Gem Polisher3000
Grim Reapers ElixirSkilled 1Oil of Fortitude1Pure Powder Reagent6Sky Mushroom4Monk's Branch3Trace of Origin3HP Steal +1/3
Leather GlazeApprentice 1Maple Sap3Powder of Darkness2Trace of Ascension3Clear Liquid Reagent10
Legendary Beast's BloodApprentice 1Spirit's Leaf1Trace Of Earth1Pure Powder Reagent1Blood 520
Metal SolventApprentice 1Melted Iron Shard3Trace Of Savagery2Clear Liquid Reagent1Rough Stone40
Oil of CorruptionSkilled 1Sinner's Blood1Spirit's Leaf1Fruit of the Sun1Powder of Darkness10
Oil of FortitudeSkilled 1Clown's Blood1Monk's Branch1Fruit of Nature1Powder of Flame10
Oil of RegenerationSkilled 1Legendary Beast's Blood1Red Tree Lump1Fruit of Crimson Flame1Powder of Crevice10
Oil of StormsSkilled 1Tyrant's Blood1Old Tree Bark1Fruit of Abundance1Powder of Time10
Oil of TranquilitySkilled 1Wise Man's Blood1Bloody Tree Knot1Fruit of Magic Power1Powder of Earth10
Perfume of CourageSkilled 1Blue Whale Oil1Trace of Violence3Bloody Tree Knot6Purified Water4Clear Liquid Reagent2All attack +25 Max HP +200 Attack/Cast +
Perfume of SwiftnessSkilled 1Blue Whale Oil1Powder of Time4Everlasting Herb6Purified Water4Clear Liquid Reagent2200 Weight Limit +20% Life XP +5 Attack
Plywood HardenerApprentice 1Fir Sap4Pure Powder Reagent1Bloody Tree Knot3Trace Of Earth30
Pure Metal CrystalApprentice 1Any Metal Ingot3Metal Solvent2000
Pure Powder ReagentBeginner 1Sugar1Silver Azalea1Weeds1Purified Water10
Purified WaterBeginner 1Bottle of River Water10000
Resurrection ElixirApprentice 1Clear Liquid Reagent1Sunrise Herb3Purified Water3Small HP Potion20HP Recovery +10/15
Sinner's BloodApprentice 1Bloody Tree Knot1Powder of Flame1Clear Liquid Reagent1Blood 220
Supreme FeatherApprentice 1Any Fine Feather3Leather Glaze5000
Supreme HideApprentice 1Any Fine Hide3Leather Glaze5000
Tyrant's BloodApprentice 1Monk's Branch1Trace Of Savagery1Pure Powder Reagent1Blood 420
Whale Tendon ElixirSkilled 1Blue Whale Tendon1Clown's Blood1Ash Sap12Purified Water5Clear Liquid Reagent2damage reduction +100/125
Whale Tendon PotionApprentice 1Blue Whale Tendon1Medium HP Potion3Medium MP Potion3Purified Water80HP Recovery 500/750 MP/WP/SP 300/500
Wise Man's BloodApprentice 1Monk's Branch1Trace Of Ascension1Clear Liquid Reagent1Blood 320

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