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Instructions on how to import to Maple Story 2 HERE

In this Collection: 8
Artist and Song Tracks Notes Time Sample
Ah HA - Take on ME103,8553m22s
Aqua - Barbie Girl89,8573m12s
Cyndi Lauper - Good Enough78,2123m21s
Outkast- HeyYa64,7423m36s
Pinkfong - BabyShark21,3141m33s
Portal -Still Alive43,4782m54s
Sia - ElasticHeart32,5673m37s
Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden33,5271m53s

Detailed Instructions on how to import these files into Maple Story 2

1. Download Zip - POP and Unzip to a directory.
2. In game, Click on a Empty Music Sheet to pull up creation dialog.
3. Click OPEN FILE then open the file you want to import.

4. Type in Song Title, chose Best Played on and click play to test.
5. When you are sure the song imported correctly, hit Compose Score!
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