Maple Story 2 Full Pet List (26 as of October 2018)

To Catch a pet you must be level 50.
Use Candy to fill the gauge and then a Snare to catch (recommended: G3 SNARE).
You can also buy the snares on the Black Market, in normal, rare, exceptional, and epic varieties.

To Make Snares you Need:
1. Potion Solvent (Humanoids and Divine mobs)
2. 2. Earth Fragment (from Mysterious Meteorite Trees in player houses)
Stump - Sylvan Woods Trail
Needler - Suffering Wasteland
HomeGrown Mushroom - Revoldic Dam
Woodi - North Royal Road
Duckling - Berrysweet Castle
Birk - Lavaworks
Cerbe - Fairy Tree Lake
Baby Boar - Crooked Canyon
Frost Fang - Frostheart
Baby MoonBear - Hushwood Vale
Baby Coli - Turtcoli Cave
Lupin - Crooker Canyon
Red Snail - Royal Road Plaza
Slime - Sylvan Woods Trail
Lil Boogie - Raptor Drive Pass
Contaminated Slime - Kerring Junkyard
Tree Sprite - Boulder White Mountains
Twingo - Lavaworks
Koborc - Barrots Shore
Twingoo - Lavaworks
Veil Ox - Frostpeak Mountain
Block Golem Y - Ludibrium Crater
Pyrros Fard - Fire Dragon
Strong Piggy - Event
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