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*If a recipe calls for 2 Crystals, they must be different*

Crystals Require Skilled 1 Alchemy or higher.

Blood 1: Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah
Blood 2: Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon
Blood 3: Weasel, Fox, Racoon
Blood 4: Bear, Troll, Ogre
Blood 5: Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku

Recipe Ingredient 1 Quanitiy Ingredient 2 Quanitiy Ingredient 3 Quanitiy Ingredient 4 Quanitiy Ingredient 5 Quanitiy Effect
Primary Weapon - AbsorptionGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Abundance2Lead Shard10Wise Man's Blood30HP Recovery +1 on attack
Primary Weapon - CarnageGreen Magic Crystal1Carnage Crystal Demihumans1Fruit of Nature1Copper Shard10Blood 15Additional damage to demihumans +2
Primary Weapon - CarnageGreen Magic Crystal1Carnage Crystal Humans1Fruit of the Sun1Tin Shard10Blood 45Additional damage to humans +2
Primary Weapon - CarnageGreen Magic Crystal1Carnage Crystal Beasts1Fruit of Enchantment1Zinc Shard10Blood 55Additional damage to beasts +2
Primary Weapon - DurabilityGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Crimson2Iron Shard10Clown's Blood30Durability Reduction Resistance +10%
Primary Weapon - ExtractionGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Nature2Copper Shard10Legendary Beast's Blood30MP/SP/WP Recovery +1 on attack
Primary Weapon - PowerGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal Power1Fruit of Abundance1Lead Shard7Blood 24AP+2
Primary Weapon - PrecisionGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal Precision1Fruit of Crimson Flame1Iron Shard10Blood 35Accuracy +2
Secondary Weapon - Air AttackGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Magic Power2Platinum Shard10Wise Man's Blood30Additional Air Attack Damage Level +1
Secondary Weapon - Back AttackGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of the Sun2Silver Shard10Sinner's Blood30Additional Back Attack Damage Level +1
Secondary Weapon - Counter AttGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Crimson Flame2Zinc Shard10Tyrant's Blood30Additional Counter Attack Damage Level +
Secondary Weapon - CriticalGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Perfection2Polished Opal5Legendary Beast's Blood30Additional Critical Hit Damage Level +1
Secondary Weapon - Down AttackGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Enchantment2Gold Shard2Tyrant's Blood20Additional Down Attack Damage Level +1
Secondary Weapon - Speed AttacGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Destruction2Tin Shard10Sinner's Blood30Additional Speed Attack Damage Level +1
All Armor - ArmorGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Armor) 1Fruit of Magic Power1Translucent Crystal3Ash Sap4Damage Reduction +2
All Armor - EvasionGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Nature2Mud Crystal5Clown's Blood30Special Attack Evasion +10%
All Armor - HealGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Heal)1Fruit of Crimson Flame1Green Crystal3Fir Sap5HP Recovery +3
All Armor - Magic DefenseGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Magic Power2Silver Shard5Sinner's Blood40Magic Damage Reduction +2
All Armor - Melee DefenseGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of the Sun2Red Crystal5Wise Man's Blood30Melee Damage Reduction +2
All Armor - PatienceGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Patience)1Fruit of Destruction1Red Crystal3Birch Sap5Max MP/WP/SP +35
All Armor - Ranged DefenseGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Enchantment2Green Crystal5Legendary Beast's Blood30Ranged damage reduction +2
All Armor - ResonanceGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Resonance)1Fruit of Abundance1Silver Shard3Pine Sap5MP/WP/SP Recovery +3
All Armor - SiegeGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Abundance2Translucent Crystal5Clown's Blood30Siege Weapon Evasion +10%
All Armor - VigorGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Abundance)1Fruit of Perfection3Mud Crystal5Maple Sap5Max HP +35
Helmat - AgilityGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Agility)1Fruit of the Sun1Cloud Mushroom4Silver Shard2Evasion +2
Helmet - IntimidationGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Intimidation)1Fruit of Abundance1Red Crystal3Arrow Mushroom5Knockdown/Bound resistance +10%
Helmat - MemoryGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Memory)1Fruit of Crimson Flame1Mud Crystal3Fortune Teller's Mushroom5Casting Speed +2
Helmet - VisionGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Vision)1Fruit of Nature1Green Crystal3Dwarf Mushroom5Vision Range +15m
Gloves - AssualtGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Assault)1Fruit of Enchantment1Emerald2Blood 35Attack Speed +2
Gloves - Magic AttackGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of the Sun2Diamond2Sinner's Blood30Magic AP +2
Gloves - PrecisionGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Precision)1Fruit of Destruction1Emerald2Silk Honey Grass6Accuracy +2
Gloves - Ranged AttackGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of nature2Emerald5Legendary Beast's Blood30Ranged AP +2
Gloves - SturdinessGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Sturdiness)1Fruit of Perfection1Diamond2Blood 25Grapple Resistance +10%
Gloves - ValorGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Valor)1Fruit of Destruction1Translucent Crystal3Blood15Critical Hit Rate +2
Shoes - AdamantineGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Adamantine)1Fruit of Nature1Sapphire2Silver Azalea6Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%
Shoes - AscenionGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Ascension)1Fruit of Magic Power1Topaz2Fire Flake Flower6Jump Height +35
Shoes - EnergyGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Energy)1Fruit of Perfection1Topaz2Dry Mane Grass5Max Stamina +150
Shoes - EnergyGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Perfection2Ruby5Tyrant's Blood30Max Energy +10
Shoes - FallingGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Falling)1Fruit of Enchantment1Ruby2Wild Grass/Weed5Fall Damage 15%
Shoes - SubmergeGreen Magic Crystal2Essence of Destruction2Sapphire5Clown's Blood30Breath Gauge +15s
Shoes - SwiftnessGreen Magic Crystal1Magic Crystal (Swiftness)1Fruit of the Sun1Ruby2Sunrise Herb5Movement Speed +2

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