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Incendar's Golden Age of MMOs List

What is this Golden age of MMOs shit, Incendar?

I have been playing MMOs since FFXI in 2003, and after giving up MMOs for dead I discovered there are
OVER 50+ MMOs in development right now! I'm making a list to make it easier to track them.

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Image Name and Link Steam Link Reddit Link Status Summary / Commentary
Ascent: Infinite Realm/r/airthegame/In DevelopmentGet ready for an amazing world filled with Airships, Dragons, Magic & Excitement!
Ashes of Creation/r/AshesofCreation/In DevelopmentBuild up nodes (region cities, npcs like Everquest next promissed) with friends as time progresses, player built most everything. Can also be destroyed. This could be a Great time will tell.
AtlasSteamRelease 12/13/2018ATLAS: The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world. Join an endless adventure of piracy & sailing, exploration & combat, roleplaying & progression, settlement & civilization-building, in one of the largest game worlds ever! Explore, Build, Con
Black Desert OnlineSteam/r/blackdesertonline/ReleasedOnly MMO since wow to keep me playing for years. Lots of content but expect to spend 200-300 to enjoy it properly for a year or two (cheaper then subs tho)
Bless OnlineSteam/r/Bless/ReleasedNot a Total Failure, but has a rocky road for sure. Releatively Cheap $30 for 100+ hours easily, and low P2W
Camelot Unchained/r/CamelotUnchained/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessThree Realms in one persistent, massive, open-world sandbox environment, with towns and cities built almost entirely by the players
Chronicles of Elyria/r/ChroniclesOfElyria/In DevelopmentQuests generated just for your character, a fully destructible environment, closed economy, finite resources, and survival elements, means Elyria is experienced differently for every player! Each time you log in there is something new to do. No daily grind! Local, regional, and national conflicts ar
Citadel of Sorcery/r/CitadelofSorcery/DEADCitadel of Sorcery will never send you on a grocery list quest. not once. When our game offers you a quest it will be a real story and the choices you make during your adventure will change the outcome. Not everyone will go through the same quests, or in the same sequence, or have the details of the
City of Titans/r/cityoftitans/In DevelopmentThe superhero MMORPG being developed by Missing Worlds Media. It was originally known as The Phoenix Project and was created in the spirit of City of Heroes, an NCSoft game that is no longer available. The games release date is currently scheduled for Fall 2018. This wiki will be a collaborative res
Conan ExilesSteam Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survive in a savage world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare.
Crowfall/r/crowfall/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessThe game will play similarly to most MMORPGs, with the camera in a third person view with the player allowed to go anywhere. Where it differs is in the games world system. There will be five systems of worlds, also known as campaigns. The systems will be "Eternal Kingdoms", "Gods Reach", "The Infect
Dark and LightSteam/r/DarkAndLight/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessDark and Light is a vast sandbox survival RPG set in a world dominated by powerful elemental forces. Find your way in a meticulously crafted world, featuring breathtaking landscapes, a wide variety of mythical creatures, and limitless possibility to craft, build, and unlock dozens of powerful weapon
Defiance 2050Steam/r/Defiance/ReleasedJoin your friends and become an Ark Hunter in a massive cooperative online shooter like no other. Choose from an array of fully customizable weapons and classes, explore a unique futuristic open world, and engage in epic fast-paced third-person shooter combat.
Dual Universe/r/DualUniverse/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessContinuous Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast fully editable Sci-Fi universe, focusing on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare.
Fallout 76/r/fo76/ReleasedBethesda Game Studios, Fallout. Online. With Friends. all that needs saying. I bought the power armor for this one so will update with beta feelings soon.
Final Fantasy XIVSteam/r/ffxiv/ReleasedLots of great content for FF fans here, it's a little more wow-like then FFXI but fun none the less.
Identity/r/IdentityMMO/In DevelopmentFor over a decade the term MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing game) has been associated with grinding and repetitive gameplay. With the help of its supporters, Identity is changing that and restoring the genre to its roots: an open world free of restrictions with a destiny determined by the
Legends of Aria/r/LegendsOfAria/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessFormerly known as Shards Online, is breaking away from the modern MMO conventions of levels, classes and quest grinds. Instead, it is returning to living virtual worlds where stories emerge naturally as players explore the worlds laid out before them. The game will launch with a complete game contai
Life is FuedalSteam/r/LifeIsFeudal/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessLife is Feudal: Your Own is a truly hardcore sandbox RPG with captivating survival aspects. Described as a real life Medieval simulator, which caters for up to 64 players on a 3km x 3km gameworld, any and all paths are an option.
Lost Ark/r/lostarkgame/In DevelopmentThe Prince that was Promised? This could be the next Great.
Mad World MMO DevelopmentHTML 5 MMO with raiding. Unique Art Style, Should be interesting!
Maple Story 2 Global/r/MapleStory2/ReleasedThe game takes many of the features of the original game, MapleStory, and applies them to a 3D environment. Most mobs, NPCs, and locations make a return in this sequel, although with several changes.
Monster Hunter World PCSteam/r/MonsterHunterWorld/ReleasedWelcome to a new world! In Monster Hunter: World, the latest installment in the series, you can enjoy the ultimate hunting experience, using everything at your disposal to hunt monsters in a new world teeming with surprises and excitement.
MTG MMORPG/r/MTGMMO/In DevelopmentBased of the card game. This could be very popular if done right.
Mu LegendSteam 3 Clone, uses a in game currency like classic D3 so you can acaully buy gear and items form other players which may bother some people and be great for others.
New World MMO/r/New_World_MMO/In DevelopmentAmazon is developing this one.
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen/r/PantheonMMO/In DevelopmentGroup Based Everything MMO. Can that work in the modern age? Time will tell.
Path of ExileSteam/r/pathofexile/ReleasedI list this sicne it's heading more MMO lately with guilds and such.
Project GorgonSteam/r/projectgorgon/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessOld Schoool MMO Husband and Wife Team Project: Graphics are dated like Everquest but potential deep game, can even skill up dying.
Project TL LineageEternal/r/LineageEternal/In DevelopmentMore soon, it's complicated
RendSteam/r/rendsurvival/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessChoose your side in this faction-based survival game, pitting groups of players against each other amid hordes of horrific demons in an ongoing epic war. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world as you race against the clock to achieve victory before you are wiped from existence!
Shroud of the AvatarSteam/r/shroudoftheavatar/ReleasedSuper Old School MMO RPG. If you liked Everquest 2 or V:SOA you might get into this. Strongest Point is player owned buildings and land.
Star Citizen/r/starcitizen/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessIn Development for a decade so gotta be good
Talibri/r/Talibri/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessFREE MMO-PPBBG Browser Based, no Graphics, with a deep econonmy and social system. Player housing and coming guild wars. All Super casual. This may scratch your MMO itch
The Elder Scrolls OnlineSteam/r/elderscrollsonline/ReleasedIf you are an elder scrolls fan you likely want to check this out until we see TES VI.
Trials of Ascension/r/ToA/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessTrials of Ascension: Exile is a "Host Your Own" multi-player fantasy sandbox game currently in development for the PC.
Valnir RokSteam/r/ValnirRokSurvival/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessValnir Rok is a multiplayer survival roleplaying game in a Viking setting with quests by bestselling author Giles Kristian. Explore a huge open world, craft items, cook meals, build houses and found clan cities. Raid other clans or place bounties. Pray to the gods and survive.
Warlords AwakeningSteam/r/WarlordsAwakening/ReleasedI was Contacted by these guys and sent some materials they have been nice so far, but how will this game be? Release is in weeks.
Wild West OnlineSteam/r/WildWestOnline/ReleasedReceived Super bad from reviews and steam score, can it be salvaged tho?
World of Warcraft Classic/r/classicwow/In DevelopmentAnnounced at Blizzcon 2017. It till be using Patch 1.12: Drums of War with more recent WoW Backend. We Won't know a release date until Novemeber 2018.
Worlds AdriftSteam/r/WorldsAdrift/Alpha/Beta/Early AccessThe world is broken, shattered from a calamity that time has since forgot. It falls to you to navigate these treacherous skies, competing against your fellow traveller for resource and lost technology. Build a ship. Rally a crew. Explore a land of peril and wonder in Worlds Adrift, a Community-Craft
WoW: Battle for Azeroth/r/wow/ReleasedWoW Expansion as is tradition. When will we see Official Vanilla tho? , Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendara © Incendar 2004-2018