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Name Level Requirement ItemID Craft Requirement Number of Spaces Material 1 Material 2 Material 3
The Vault4480853Artisans Worktable30040 Steel Bar150 Hardened Brick125 Steel Reinforement
Large Crate4480212Carpenters Bench5015 Shaped Wood
Large Chest2080852Self4515 Shaped Wood5 Iron Reinforcement
Cupboard2080743Self4540 Wood7 Iron Reinforcement
Small Crate [vertical]4480209Carpenters Bench2015 Shaped Wood
Small Crate [square]4480208Carpenters Bench2015 Shaped Wood
Wooden Box280851Self15100 Wood12 Twine , Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendara © Incendar 2004-2018
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