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Result Name Hunger Thirst Recipe Book Station Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Absinthe15Specialist Brewing 1Fermentation Barrel15 Glowing Goop5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Ale15Fermentation Barrel10 Hops5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Aloe Soup5025Specialist Cooking 2Stove1 Aloe Leaves1 Soup
Arena Ritual Offering200100Campfire1 Demon's Bane1 Rotten Devil's Bonemeal
Berry Juice210Specialist Cooking 2Stove1 Aloe Leaves5 Desert Berries1 Purified Water
Berry Juice210Specialist Cooking 2Stove1 Aloe Leaves5 Highland Berries1 Purified Water
Black Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base3 Black Lotus Powder1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Blood Sausage20Campfire5 Blood
Bone Broth5215Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Bone1 Soup
Bread10ReligionPleasure Dome of Derketo5 Vines
Bread10Furnace1 Leavening Agent2 Plant Fiber5 Seeds
Breathing PotionThe DredgeFirebowl Cauldron1 Water Orb5 Glowing Essence
Bug Kabob20Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Branch1 Fat Grub
Bush Jerky19-5Specialist Cooking 8Stove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt
Cactus Wine10Fermentation Barrel5 Leavening Agent30 Plant Fiber1 Purified Water
Century Egg12Specialist Cooking 8Stove1 Egg1 Ichor
Chili Desert Style78-25Stove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt5 Spice
Cimmerian Meal8230Specialist Cooking 9Stove1 Dried Meat1 Mead1 Mushroom Stew
Cleansing Brew55Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Herbal Tea1 Yellow Lotus Blossom
Cooked Abysmal Meat5020Campfire1 Abysmal Flesh
Cooked Eggs16Stove1 Egg
Cooked Exotic Fish30Campfire1 Exotic Fish
Cooked Exotic Shellfish50Campfire1 Exotic Shellfish
Cooked Exquisite Meat60Campfire1 Exquisite Meat
Cooked Fish10Campfire1 Unappetizing Fish
Cooked Human Flesh12-1Campfire1 Human Flesh
Cooked Oyster22Specialist Cooking 2Stove1 Oyster Flesh2 Salt
Cooked Pork Dinner50Specialist Cooking 10Stove1 Cooked Pork Rinds3 Dried Berries1 Mead
Cooked Pork Rinds35Campfire1 Raw Pork
Cooked Pork Strips45Specialist Cooking 10Stove1 Raw Pork1 Salt1 Spice
Cooked Savory Fish20CampfireSavory Fish
Cooked Savory Shellfish35CampfireSavory Shellfish
Cooked Shellfish25CampfireUnappetizing Shellfish
Corrupting Brew55Stove1 Demon Blood1 Purified Water1 Yellow Lotus Blossom
Darfari Bug Soup5525Specialist Cooking 1Stove1 Fat Grub5 Handful of Insects1 Soup
Demon Blood-Sausage55Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Demon Blood1 Raw Pork
Desert Berry Pulp50Fluid Press5 Desert Berries
Desert Wine15Fermentation Barrel5 Desert Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Devil's Bonemeal200100Campfire1 Ancient Rhino Horn1 Brimstone1 Eyes of Innocence1 Heart of a Hero
Dried Fish5Dryer
Dried Meat22Dryer
Egg Surprise18Specialist Cooking 7Stove1 Egg1 Ichor1 Salt
Enhanced Gruel1010Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Egg1 Gruel1 Spice
Exotic Feast100Stove5 Dried Berries1 Egg1 Exotic Flesh
Exquisite Stew8715Specialist Cooking 4Stove1 Savoury Flesh1 Soup
Feast of Derketo7070ReligionPleasure Palace of Derketo1 Absinthe1 Cooked Exotic Shellfish1 Honeybread
Feast of Jhebbal Sag10040ReligionHand Crafted1 Blood Sausage3 Dried Berries1 Ale
Feast of Mitra7550ReligionStove1 Herbal Tea10 Honey1 Lingering Essence1 Soup
Feast of Set7550ReligionStove2 Reptile Hide1 Soup1 Spiced Tea
Feast of Ymir7550ReligionStove1 Black Ice1 Meat Strips1 Roasted Mushrooms
Feast to Yog7550ReligionStove1 Bone Broth2 Ichor1 Weathered Skull
Feral Feast40Specialist Cooking 8Stove1 Cooked Eggs5 Dried Berries1 Feral Flesh
Firewater5Specialist Brewing 2Fermentation Barrel10 Brimstone5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Fish Gill PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base1 Crimson Lotus Powder1 Purple Lotus Powder1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Fish Strips70-2Stove1 Exotic Fish1 Unappetizing Fish1 Savory Fish
Flavored Gruel325Specialist Cooking 1Stove1 Dried Berries1 Gruel2 Spiced Tea
Frost Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base1 Frost Lotus Flower1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Golden Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base2 Golden Lotus Flower1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Gray Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base3 Grey Lotus Powder1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Grilled Steak42Campfire1 Savoury Flesh
Gruel1Campfire5 Plant Fiber1 Seeds
Hearty Meal7230Specialist Cooking 6Stove1 Spice1 Steak and Eggs
Hearty Stew10015Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Exotic Flesh1 Soup
Herbal Tea30Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Aloe Leaves5 Plant Fiber1 Purified Water
Highland Berry Pulp50Fluid Press5 Highland Berries
Highland Wine15Fermentation Barrel5 Highland Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Honey Jerky77T2+ CookStove1 Exotic Flesh3 Honey1 Salt
Honeybread28T1+ CookStove1 Bread2 Honey
Honeyed Eggs18T1+ CookStove1 Egg1 Honey
Honeyed Gruel1210T2+ CookStove1 Enhanced Gruel3 Honey
Honeyed Wine15Specialist Brewing 1Fermentation Barrel20 Honey5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Honeyglazed Roast22T4 CookStove1 Feral Flesh5 Honey
Ice Tea35T3+ CookStove1 Herbal Tea2 Ice
Lasting Meal8050Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Aloe Leaves1 Roasted Haunch1 Soup
Lumpy Soup4020Specialist Cooking 10Stove1 Raw Pork1 Soup
Mead15Fermentation Barrel5 Honey5 Leavening Agent2 Plant Fiber1 Purified Water
Meat Strips15Stove1 Feral Flesh5 Salt
Meaty Mashup7010Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Feral Flesh1 Savoury Flesh
Mixed Meat Scraps30Specialist Cooking 10Stove1 Feral Flesh1 Raw Pork1 Salt
Mulled Brew1230Specialist Cooking 9Stove1 Mead1 Shroom Amanita
Mushroom Stew6015Specialist Cooking 9Stove1 Puffball Mushroom1 Shroom Amanita1 Soup
Mushroom Tea35Specialist Cooking 9Stove1 Herbal Tea1 Shroom Amanita
Mystery Meat Soup6025T1+ CookStove1 Bone Broth3 Human Flesh
Oyster Omelette30Stove1 Egg1 Oyster Flesh
Phykos Rum15Specialist Brewing 1Fermentation Barrel5 Leavening Agent10 Orange Phykos1 Purified Water
Potion of EndowmentSpecialist Cooking 10Firebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base3 Grey Lotus Powder1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Purified Flesh7626ReligionPit of Yog1 Unblemished Human Meat
Purified Water50Stove1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Purple Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron1 Alchemical Base3 Purple Lotus Flower1 Water-filled Glass Flask
Reaper PoisonFirebowl Cauldron1 Sand Reaper Toxic Gland
Resin Wine15Specialist Brewing 2Fermentation Barrel5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water10 Resin
Rhino Head Soup10025Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Black Rhino Head1 Exotic Flesh1 Soup
Roasted Haunch82Campfire1 Exotic Flesh
Roasted Mushrooms12Specialist Cooking 9Stove1 Puffball Mushroom1 Shroom Amanita
Salted Berries1-2Specialist Cooking 7Stove1 Dried Berries1 Salt
Salted Exquisite Meat50-5Campfire1 Exquisite Meat5 Salt
Salted Pork10-2Campfire1 Raw Pork5 Salt
Savory Feast60Stove5 Dried Berries1 Egg1 Savoury Flesh
Savory Jerky38-5Specialist Cooking 4Stove1 Savoury Flesh5 Salt
Seed Soup5025Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Seeds1 Soup
Shredded Roast22Campfire1 Feral Flesh
Shroom Beer15Specialist Brewing 2Fermentation Barrel5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water10 Shroom Amanita
Soup4525Stove1 Feral Flesh1 Purified Water1 Salt
Spiced and Shredded Roast26-5Specialist Cooking 6Stove1 Shredded Roast2 Spice
Spiced Egg18-5Specialist Cooking 6Stove1 Egg2 Spice
Spiced Exquisite Meat70-10Campfire1 Exquisite Meat3 Spice
Spiced Haunch88-5Stove1 Exotic Flesh2 Spice
Spiced Oysters28-5Specialist Cooking 2Stove1 Oyster Flesh2 Spice
Spiced Pork30-5Campfire1 Raw Pork3 Spice
Spiced Slivers25-5Specialist Cooking 5Stove1 Meat Strips1 Reptile Hide3 Spice
Spiced Soup5520Specialist Cooking 1Stove1 Soup2 Spice
Spiced Steak48-5Stove1 Savoury Flesh2 Spice
Spiced Tea35Specialist Cooking 3Stove1 Herbal Tea2 Spice
Steak and Eggs72Specialist Cooking 4Stove1 Egg1 Savoury Flesh
Trail Jerky77-5Specialist Cooking 4Stove1 Exotic Flesh5 Salt
Violet CureallFirebowl Cauldron10 Serpent Venom Gland
Wine15Fermentation Barrel5 Desert Berry Pulp5 Highland Berry Pulp5 Leavening Agent1 Purified Water
Yellow Lotus PotionFirebowl Cauldron10 Yellow Lotus Blossom
Yellow Lotus Soup4535Specialist Cooking 7Stove1 Soup1 Yellow Lotus Blossom

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