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Carpenters Recipes list:
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Sorted Alpha by Name
Type Result Name Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Projectile10 Abysmal Arrows10 Branch1 Abysmal Fang
Projectile10 Abysmal Bolts10 Branch1 Abysmal Fang
Projectile10 Fire Arrows10 Branch5 Steel Bar10 Brimstone
Projectile10 Fire Bolts10 Branch5 Steel Bar10 Brimstone
Projectile10 Flinthead Bolts10 Branch50 Stone
Projectile10 Ironhead Arrows10 Branch5 Iron Bar
Projectile10 Ironhead Bolts10 Branch5 Iron Bar
Projectile10 Razor Arrows10 Branch5 Steel Bar
Projectile10 Razor Bolts10 Branch5 Steel Bar
Projectile10 Snake Arrows10 Branch
Ranged WeaponAncient Bow7 Branch13 Thick Leather13 Silk50 Steel Bar
Misc.Barrel4 Shaped Wood
Ranged WeaponCrossbow7 Branch26 Iron Bar13 Silk
Misc.Double Bed4 Shaped Wood20 Hide10 Twine
Misc.Drawbridge30 Hardened Brick20 Shaped Wood6 Steel Reinforcement20 Twine
Misc.Elevator Horizontal30 Iron Bar8 Shaped Wood20 Twine
Ranged WeaponExceptional Crossbow7 Branch30 Iron Bar13 Silk
Ranged WeaponExceptional Heavy Crossbow8 Branch30 Steel Bar13 Silk
Ranged WeaponExceptional Hyrkanian Bow7 Branch15 Hide13 Twine
Ranged WeaponFlawless Crossbow8 Branch30 Iron Bar15 Silk
Ranged WeaponFlawless Heavy Crossbow10 Branch40 Steel Bar13 Silk
Ranged WeaponFlawless Hyrkanian Bow8 Branch15 Hide15 Twine
ProjectileHardened Steel Arrow10 Branch10 Hardened Steel Bar
ProjectileHardened Steel Bolt10 Branch10 Hardened Steel Bar
Ranged WeaponHeavy Crossbow7 Branch26 Steel Bar13 Silk
Ranged WeaponHyrkanian Bow7 Branch13 Thick Leather13 Silk
IngredientShaped Wood10 Wood
Misc.Siege Foundation30 Shaped Wood25 Brick
Misc.Small Barrel3 Shaped Wood
ProjectileStar Metal Arrow10 Branch10 Star Metal Bar
ProjectileStar Metal Bolt10 Branch10 Star Metal Barv
Misc.Trebuchet Base200 Wood13 Iron Reinforcement
Misc.Vertical Elevator|Elevator Vertical30 Iron Bar8 Shaped Wood20 Twine

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