Bless Online Armors List
Name Class Grade Level Gear Score Vendor Price
Binding Kneeguards of PrecisionSuperior202700g5s21b
Bloodbinder's Mantle of the BachelorPaladinSuperior121140g1s4b
Bluffer's Sabatons of EnlightenmentPaladinSuperior121060g1s4b
Butcher's Top of the HunterSuperior202740g5s21b
Clever Armor of ImmortalityRare230g8s67b
Clever Bottoms of ImmortalityRare230g8s67b
Clever Cord of ImmortalityRare230g4s96b
Clever Gloves of ImmortalityRare230g6s20b
Clever Headband of ImmortalityRare230g6s20b
Clever Shoulderpads of ImmortalityRare230g4s96b
Clever Treads of ImmortalityRare230g4s96b
Crude Breastplate of the TraitorBerserkerRare142400g3s12b
Cunning Armor of the TraitorAssassinRare142400g3s12b
Cunning Gauntlets of the TraitorAssassinRare141600g2sb23
Cunning Girdle of the TraitorAssassinRare141300g1s79b
Cunning Pauldrons of the TraitorAssassinRare141460g1s79b
Daydream Shoulderguards of the RapidSuperior201680g2s98b
Enduring Bandana of the TraitorPaladinRare141770g2s23b
Enduring Waistband of the TraitorPaladinRare141300g1s79b
Floorwing Breastplate of RebukePaladinSuperior121870g1s81b
Novice's Headband of FaithfulnessPaladinSuperior5810g0s20b
Prudent Armor of ImmortalityRare230g8s67b
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