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DiscordDark Knight
DiscordInternational Hunting Association JP
DiscordInternational Hunting Association MENA
DiscordInternational Hunting Association SEA
DiscordInternational Hunting Associatan SA
DiscordInternational Hunting Association EU
DiscordGeneral BDO discord
DiscordBlack Desert Analytics
DiscordHunting Discord
DiscordHorse Racing/Breeding Discord
DiscordBDO Traders
DiscordMaoMao Fishing Community
DiscordSource Gaming Community BDO datamine
DiscordBellcord NA
DiscordBellcord EU
DiscordNA Fight Club
DiscordLifeskill Chat
DiscordSavage Rift NA/EU
DiscordNA World Bosses
DiscordBoss Timer International Hunting Association NA
PageDulfy's basic bdo related stuff and guides
PageFamme's BDO map horse calc trade calc
PageDatabase of black desert items quests knowledge and mobs
PageUrzas guides boss timer
PageBlack Desert Analytics guides to lifeskills raising cp/energy lots of math
PageBlack Desert Analytics spreadsheets all-in-one
PageInvenGlobal general bdo stuff and kr info
PageMajorS's enhancement table and other random data
PageAlexMac enchant guide
PageFAQ about grindspots outdated
PageSilver/Exp grinding data spreadsheet
PageUI font change w/o external programms
PageGuild Quest Patch
PageBDO watchdog a monitoring tool for black deserts connection status
PageGear planner
PageTitle list
PageDatamined Stats
PageAccuracy Explained
Pagelaila's Alchemy Reference Book
PageAmity Tool slightly outdated
PageHorse Calc
PageGear faq for newbies
Pagecooking and alchemy calculator
Pagevarious tests by BigandShiny
PageMorrolanTVs Node Guide
PageBasic max weight for processing

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