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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild384
PlantGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove332
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls325
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest303
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown273
BeastGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown254
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel243
FeyGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood245
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls242
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel224
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls214
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood212
DrowGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown211
GoblinGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls212
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood182
OrcGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild171
ElfGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown161
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove152
HobgoblinGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild152
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest154
ElfGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood132
GoblinGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel121
RangedGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown120
UndeadGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove121
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild111
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild110
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood113
OrcGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood101
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood90
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls91
FiendGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild82
PlantGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest80
UndeadGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel81
DevilGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild71
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove70
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel71
KoboldGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel71
ElementalGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove61
GoblinGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest61
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest60
HumanoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove64
KoboldGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest62
PlantGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel60
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild64
BanditGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood50
BeastGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild50
FlyingGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown51
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest50
GoblinGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild51
GoblinGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove51
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove53
HumanGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood50
KoboldGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild50
PlantGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls50
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove52
AberrationGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown41
BanditGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls41
FeyGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild41
HumanGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls40
DemonGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild30
Half-OrcGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls31
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove31
HobgoblinGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls32
KoboldGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood30
QuaggothGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown31
ElfGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild21
GrungGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood20
HumanGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove21
OrcGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown20
PlantGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood20
BullywugGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown10
ConstructGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest10
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel10
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown11
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel11
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild10
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel12
RangedGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest10
Armor-BasedGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown01
Armor-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest01
Armor-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild01
Armor-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove01
ConstructGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild01
DragonGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest01
DwarfGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood01
FiendGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood01
GiantGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild02
GiantGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest01
GiantGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel01
HobgoblinGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest01
HobgoblinGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel01
KoboldGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown01
MonstrosityGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown02
MonstrosityGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest01
MonstrosityGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel01
OgreGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild01
OozeGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls01
UndeadGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild01
XanatharGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood01

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