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Season 2   Trials of Mount Tiamat  
IDLE Champions favored foes with campaign, location and adventure


OozeGrand TourAraumycosThe Madness of Zuggtmoy200
OozeGrand TourCyrogThe Oozing Hunger184
OozeDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneDreamscape61
OozeGrand TourMenzoberranzanThe Demon Lords of the Abyss60
OozeGrand TourCandlekeepHeatwave10
OozeThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightHither of the Feywild01
OozeGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls01
OozeGrand TourVelkynvelveLost in the Underdark01
OozeRime of the FrostmaidenGrimskalleReghed Glacier Mysteries01
OozeGrand TourTown of VallakiSeeds of Deceit01
OozeThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightSlack-jawed Lorna01
OozeThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightTall Tales01
OozeGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer01
OozeGrand TourVelkynvelveThe Prison of Velkynvelve01
OozeRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Rite of the Arcane Octad01
OozeDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationVault of Dragons01
OozeDragon HeistGralhund EstateFugitives01
OozeRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierCold as Ice01
OozeDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep01

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