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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard391
FlyingDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneDreamscape291
FlyingDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Elturel Has Fallen231
FlyingDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Into The Fire222
FlyingDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationThe Battle of High Hall Tower151
FlyingDescent into AvernusHaruman's HillThe Lost Hollyphant151
FlyingDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneThe Path of Dreams141
FlyingGrand TourWaterdeepUnderdeep Cartography141
FlyingDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeBel's Forge140
FlyingGrand TourCastle RavenloftExcavating History132
FlyingDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateThe Darkness Runs Deeper132
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnTerror in the Dark121
FlyingDescent into AvernusBone BramblesThe Wandering Emporium121
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnThe Cursed Farmer121
FlyingDragon HeistGralhund EstateFugitives120
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild111
FlyingDescent into AvernusUldrak's GraveTiamat's Army111
FlyingGrand TourAmber TempleBacktracking Through Barovia110
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuA Grand Puzzle100
FlyingDragon HeistUndermountain Level 3Enter the Sargauth100
FlyingDescent into AvernusElturelElturel's Last Stand100
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationDaggerfordThe Ring of Regeneration92
FlyingDescent into AvernusArkhan's TowerQuestlines91
FlyingGrand TourTown of VallakiSeeds of Deceit90
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood90
FlyingGrand TourLongsaddleThe Mists of Ravenloft81
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnUnearthed Evil81
FlyingDescent into AvernusElturelA Tale of Two Cities80
FlyingDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationOnce More Into The Breach80
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationKir SabalThe Forbidden City80
FlyingDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateDifficult Terrain71
FlyingGrand TourWizardwine WineryFlies on the Wall71
FlyingDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationThe Bleeding Citadel71
FlyingDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationWrecked Flying Fortress70
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove70
FlyingGrand TourWaterdeepSupply Run70
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationKir SabalThe Lost Heir of Omu70
FlyingDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep70
FlyingDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Resolve Amongst Chaos60
FlyingDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateThe Dead Three52
FlyingRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization51
FlyingGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown51
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationCamp VengeanceRescue in the Jungle51
FlyingDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeThe Sibriex51
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Wyrmheart Mine51
FlyingDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateBuilding Trust50
FlyingDragon HeistSkullportWaterdeep Under Siege50
FlyingDragon HeistYawning PortalThe Botched Kidnapping50
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest50
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationCamp VengeanceHomecoming50
FlyingGrand TourVillage of BaroviaFamily Entanglements50
FlyingDragon HeistYawning PortalTrollskull Manor43
FlyingGrand TourCastle RavenloftTowering Expectations41
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Immortal Warrior41
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuCaptured!41
FlyingDragon HeistSkullportLair of the Xanathar41
FlyingThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightWill of the Feywild40
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationOrolungaThe Lost Love40
FlyingDragon HeistGralhund EstateNimble Escape40
FlyingGrand TourVillage of BaroviaTower on the Lake31
FlyingDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationIdyllglen30
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationDaggerfordSeeking Allies22
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationPort NyanzaruExploring Port Nyanzaru21
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Guardian of Orolunga21
FlyingDragon HeistSeadeepsAlterdeep20
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnBeast Intentions20
FlyingGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep20
FlyingDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateThe Dinner Party20
FlyingTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuTomb of the Nine Gods20
FlyingGrand TourWaterdeepWaterdeep Detours20
FlyingGrand TourSpine of the WorldA Brief Tour of the Realms20
FlyingGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel10
FlyingDragon HeistUndermountain DungeonWyllowwood10

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