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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
Hit-BasedGrand TourCyrogThe Oozing Hunger191
Hit-BasedGrand TourAraumycosThe Madness of Zuggtmoy180
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenSpine of the World (Avalanche)The Giant's Bane Tavern132
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneDreamscape93
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction72
Hit-BasedGrand TourMenzoberranzanThe Demon Lords of the Abyss70
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Elturel Has Fallen62
Hit-BasedDragon HeistYawning PortalTrollskull Manor52
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuA Grand Puzzle42
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenSpine of the World (Avalanche)The Everlasting Rime41
Hit-BasedDragon HeistYawning PortalThe Botched Kidnapping40
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!33
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors32
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenGrimskalleReghed Glacier Mysteries31
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove31
Hit-BasedGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep30
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Immortal Warrior30
Hit-BasedGrand TourWaterdeepUnderdeep Cartography30
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationThe Battle of High Hall Tower25
Hit-BasedGrand TourMantol-DerithEncroaching Madness24
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusBone BramblesThe Wandering Emporium24
Hit-BasedGrand TourCastle RavenloftTowering Expectations23
Hit-BasedDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep22
Hit-BasedDragon HeistUndermountain Level 3Enter the Sargauth22
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight22
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuTomb of the Nine Gods22
Hit-BasedDragon HeistSeadeepsAlterdeep21
Hit-BasedDragon HeistTrollskull Manor locationAttack on the Manor21
Hit-BasedGrand TourWizardwine WineryFlies on the Wall21
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightHither of the Feywild21
Hit-BasedDragon HeistGralhund EstateNimble Escape21
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Prince of a Thousand Enemies21
Hit-BasedDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateA Mysterious Summons20
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusElturelA Tale of Two Cities20
Hit-BasedDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateBuilding Trust20
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationCamp VengeanceHomecoming20
Hit-BasedDragon HeistSkullportLair of the Xanathar20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest20
Hit-BasedDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateThe Dinner Party20
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationOrolungaThe Lost Love20
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigThe Radiant Nightmare20
Hit-BasedDragon HeistSkullportWaterdeep Under Siege20
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodWho Lurks in Lurkwood20
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierCold as Ice14
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Resolve Amongst Chaos14
Hit-BasedGrand TourArajThe Alien Underdark14
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Rite of the Arcane Octad14
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightSlack-jawed Lorna14
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Howling Peaks of Yon14
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusElturelElturel's Last Stand13
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierFriends and Foes13
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderFrozen Vengeance13
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Into The Fire13
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep13
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?13
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeBel's Forge12
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigDeekin's Mission12
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall12
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationThe Bleeding Citadel12
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateThe Darkness Runs Deeper12
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Fairy Rings of Thither12
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThieves of the Coven12
Hit-BasedGrand TourVillage of BaroviaTower on the Lake12
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigWaiting on Sunrise12
Hit-BasedDragon HeistUndermountain WyllowwoodAn Illithid Undertaking11
Hit-BasedGrand TourAmber TempleBacktracking Through Barovia11
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuCaptured!11
Hit-BasedDragon HeistGralhund EstateFugitives11
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown11
Hit-BasedGrand TourVelkynvelveLeemooggoogoon Rises11
Hit-BasedGrand TourVelkynvelveLost in the Underdark11
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks11
Hit-BasedDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationOnce More Into The Breach11
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Guardian of Orolunga11
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationKir SabalThe Lost Heir of Omu11
Hit-BasedGrand TourVelkynvelveThe Prison of Velkynvelve11
Hit-BasedGrand TourWaterdeepThe Silken Swamp11
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel11
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Wyrmheart Mine11
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Witchlight Carnival11
Hit-BasedDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationVault of Dragons11
Hit-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Lives!11
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightWill of the Feywild11
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightBest Laid Plans11
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationIdyllglen10
Hit-BasedGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild10
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationCamp VengeanceRescue in the Jungle10
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierTekeli-li's Hunt10
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateThe Dead Three10
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationKir SabalThe Forbidden City10
Hit-BasedGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard10
Hit-BasedGrand TourSpine of the WorldA Brief Tour of the Realms10
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Fall of Ythryn05
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusHaruman's HillThe Lost Hollyphant05
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeThe Sibriex05
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenGrimskalleEnding the Rime - Part 204
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Spire of Iriolarthas04
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusUldrak's GraveTiamat's Army04
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Roots of Loomlurch03
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization02
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderEnding the Rime - Part 102
Hit-BasedGrand TourCastle RavenloftExcavating History02
Hit-BasedGrand TourVelkynvelveNeutral No More02
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusArkhan's TowerQuestlines02
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightTall Tales02
Hit-BasedDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneThe Path of Dreams02
Hit-BasedGrand TourAraumycosThe Cult of Lolth02
Hit-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepVecna Loots!02
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightLove Unsoiled02
Hit-BasedGrand TourMantol-DerithThe Dark Heart01
Hit-BasedDragon HeistSeadeepsDéjà Vu01
Hit-BasedDragon HeistUndermountain Level 2Hopelessly Lost01
Hit-BasedTomb of AnnihilationPort NyanzaruRunning of the Saurs01
Hit-BasedGrand TourLongsaddleThe Mists of Ravenloft01
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Netherese Necropolis01
Hit-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepReturn to the Tomb01
Hit-BasedGrand TourCandlekeepHeatwave01
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Minions of Endelyn Moongrave01

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