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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
AberrationGrand TourArajThe Alien Underdark254
AberrationDragon HeistUndermountain WyllowwoodAn Illithid Undertaking225
AberrationGrand TourAraumycosThe Madness of Zuggtmoy223
AberrationDragon HeistSeadeepsAlterdeep204
AberrationDragon HeistUndermountain Level 2Hopelessly Lost152
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Netherese Necropolis152
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierCold as Ice150
AberrationDragon HeistGralhund EstateFugitives132
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Spire of Iriolarthas120
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Rite of the Arcane Octad110
AberrationDragon HeistUndermountain DungeonWyllowwood92
AberrationDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationOnce More Into The Breach92
AberrationGrand TourCyrogThe Oozing Hunger91
AberrationGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard90
AberrationDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep82
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Fall of Ythryn80
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierFriends and Foes70
AberrationLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!60
AberrationDragon HeistSkullportLair of the Xanathar52
AberrationDragon HeistSeadeepsDéjà Vu41
AberrationGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown41
AberrationDragon HeistYawning PortalThe Botched Kidnapping41
AberrationDragon HeistSkullportWaterdeep Under Siege40
AberrationGrand TourMenzoberranzanThe Demon Lords of the Abyss40
AberrationDragon HeistUndermountain Level 3Enter the Sargauth40
AberrationThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Witchlight Carnival40
AberrationLight of XaryxisWho Lurks Below?33
AberrationDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationVault of Dragons31
AberrationThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightTall Tales31
AberrationGrand TourWayside InnEscort to Waterdeep31
AberrationGrand TourWaterdeepSupply Run31
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierTekeli-li's Hunt31
AberrationLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction21
AberrationDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateThe Dinner Party21
AberrationGrand TourMantol-DerithEncroaching Madness21
AberrationDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateA Mysterious Summons21
AberrationDragon HeistGralhund EstateNimble Escape20
AberrationDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeBel's Forge20
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization01
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigDeekin's Mission01
AberrationGrand TourVelkynvelveNeutral No More01
AberrationDescent into AvernusWrecked Flying Fortress locationThe Battle of High Hall Tower01
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigThe Radiant Nightmare01
AberrationGrand TourCandlekeepHeatwave01

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