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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Spire of Iriolarthas304
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Roots of Loomlurch252
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightSlack-jawed Lorna232
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierCold as Ice214
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Fall of Ythryn205
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderFrozen Vengeance201
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightBest Laid Plans162
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierFriends and Foes151
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenGrimskalleReghed Glacier Mysteries151
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Rite of the Arcane Octad124
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Netherese Necropolis121
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall102
ConstructDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateThe Dinner Party101
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Witchlight Carnival100
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightHither of the Feywild90
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Prince of a Thousand Enemies80
ConstructDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateDifficult Terrain71
ConstructGrand TourWayside InnThe Mad Wizard70
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenGrimskalleEnding the Rime - Part 262
ConstructDragon HeistGralhund EstateNimble Escape61
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigDeekin's Mission60
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigWaiting on Sunrise60
ConstructLight of XaryxisThe Evacuation of Waterdeep60
ConstructLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction60
ConstructDragon HeistTrollskull Manor locationAttack on the Manor52
ConstructGrand TourVillage of BaroviaTower on the Lake52
ConstructDragon HeistSeadeepsAlterdeep51
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderEnding the Rime - Part 150
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThieves of the Coven50
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Howling Peaks of Yon50
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightLove Unsoiled42
ConstructDragon HeistSkullportWaterdeep Under Siege31
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuCaptured!30
ConstructGrand TourCastle RavenloftExcavating History22
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Wyrmheart Mine21
ConstructGrand TourLongsaddleThe Mists of Ravenloft20
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightWill of the Feywild20
ConstructDescent into AvernusElturelA Tale of Two Cities20
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightTall Tales20
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationRuined City of ShilkuThe Guardian of Orolunga20
ConstructDragon HeistSeadeepsDéjà Vu12
ConstructDescent into AvernusBel's ForgeBel's Forge10
ConstructGrand TourVelkynvelveLost in the Underdark10
ConstructGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest10
ConstructGrand TourCandlekeepHeatwave10
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierTekeli-li's Hunt10
ConstructGrand TourCandlekeepReturn to the Tomb03
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationLost City of OmuTomb of the Nine Gods03
ConstructDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Into The Fire02
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight02
ConstructGrand TourWizardwine WineryFlies on the Wall02
ConstructDescent into AvernusHaruman's HillThe Lost Hollyphant01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigThe Radiant Nightmare01
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationDaggerfordThe Ring of Regeneration01
ConstructDragon HeistUndermountain DungeonWyllowwood01
ConstructTomb of AnnihilationKir SabalThe Lost Heir of Omu01
ConstructGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks01
ConstructDragon HeistUndermountain Level 2Hopelessly Lost01
ConstructDragon HeistGralhund EstateFugitives01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors01
ConstructDescent into AvernusFort KnuckleboneDreamscape01

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