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Season 2   Trials of Mount Tiamat  
IDLE Champions favored foes with campaign, location and adventure


GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodLost in the Goblin Halls242
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Fairy Rings of Thither212
GoblinoidDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationOnce More Into The Breach181
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightWill of the Feywild171
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightBest Laid Plans150
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Roots of Loomlurch131
GoblinoidGrand TourCandlekeepReturn to the Tomb121
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodOrcs Are Wild110
GoblinoidGrand TourCyrogThe Oozing Hunger110
GoblinoidDragon HeistUndermountain Level 3Enter the Sargauth100
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Minions of Endelyn Moongrave81
GoblinoidDragon HeistUndermountain Level 2Hopelessly Lost80
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigThe Radiant Nightmare80
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Sunless Citadel71
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Prince of a Thousand Enemies70
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenSpine of the World (Avalanche)The Giant's Bane Tavern70
GoblinoidDragon HeistUndermountain DungeonWyllowwood60
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodMeepo's Quest60
GoblinoidLight of XaryxisSeeds of Destruction60
GoblinoidGrand TourLurkwoodThe Twilight Grove53
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightLove Unsoiled51
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightThe Howling Peaks of Yon41
GoblinoidGrand TourMenzoberranzanThe Demon Lords of the Abyss40
GoblinoidDragon HeistYawning PortalTrollskull Manor40
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors40
GoblinoidDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep40
GoblinoidGrand TourAraumycosThe Madness of Zuggtmoy30
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks30
GoblinoidDragon HeistSkullportLair of the Xanathar30
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenSpine of the World (Avalanche)The Everlasting Rime20
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall20
GoblinoidGrand TourCandlekeepHeatwave10

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