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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
DrowGrand TourVelkynvelveThe Prison of Velkynvelve374
DrowDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationVault of Dragons320
DrowGrand TourAraumycosThe Cult of Lolth316
DrowGrand TourLurkwood FarmInto the Unknown211
DrowGrand TourMenzoberranzanThe Demon Lords of the Abyss180
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierFriends and Foes152
DrowGrand TourWaterdeepThe Silken Swamp152
DrowDragon HeistUndermountain Level 3Enter the Sargauth142
DrowGrand TourVelkynvelveNeutral No More131
DrowDragon HeistSkullportWaterdeep Under Siege130
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization110
DrowDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateA Mysterious Summons110
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Rite of the Arcane Octad101
DrowGrand TourMantol-DerithThe Dark Heart100
DrowGrand TourVelkynvelveLost in the Underdark93
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Fall of Ythryn90
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierTekeli-li's Hunt71
DrowDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateThe Dinner Party70
DrowGrand TourVelkynvelveLeemooggoogoon Rises61
DrowGrand TourMantol-DerithEncroaching Madness61
DrowDragon HeistTrollskull Manor locationAttack on the Manor60
DrowDragon HeistGralhund EstateNimble Escape60
DrowDragon HeistYawning PortalThe Botched Kidnapping60
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierCold as Ice51
DrowDragon HeistSeadeepsDéjà Vu50
DrowGrand TourWaterdeepWaterdeep Detours50
DrowGrand TourAraumycosThe Madness of Zuggtmoy40
DrowDescent into AvernusUldrak's GraveTiamat's Army40
DrowGrand TourArajThe Alien Underdark31
DrowDragon HeistVault of Dragons locationChampions of Waterdeep30
DrowTomb of AnnihilationOrolungaThe Lost Love30
DrowTomb of AnnihilationPort NyanzaruThe Templar's Camp30
DrowDragon HeistYawning PortalTrollskull Manor30
DrowDragon HeistBlackstaff EstateBuilding Trust21
DrowDescent into AvernusBaldur's GateThe Darkness Runs Deeper20
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenReghed GlacierThe Spire of Iriolarthas20
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderEnding the Rime - Part 110
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenBryn ShanderFrozen Vengeance10
DrowGrand TourAmber TempleBacktracking Through Barovia01
DrowDescent into AvernusElturel (Avernus)Elturel Has Fallen01
DrowGrand TourWizardwine WineryFlies on the Wall01

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