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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
HumanoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization424
BeastRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks346
HumanoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors222
BeastRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors222
RangedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization200
DwarfRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors172
KoboldRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization143
BanditRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization140
HumanRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization140
MonstrosityRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors123
ElfRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization110
DrowRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization110
BeastRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization112
HumanoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks101
CultistRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization80
MonstrosityRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization72
HumanRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks71
BanditRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks70
MonstrosityRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks62
ElementalRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks50
RangedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks51
FlyingRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization51
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors40
RangedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors41
GoblinRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors40
ElementalRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors40
GoblinoidRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks30
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors32
GoblinRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks30
DwarfRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization31
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks11
KoboldRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors10
UndeadRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors01
AberrationRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization01
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization02
GiantRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors01
GiantRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors01
Armor-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodMoose Tracks01
Armor-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodCivilization01
Armor-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenLonelywoodDwarven Rumors02

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