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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Fey
Thieves of the Coven253
The Prince of a Thousand Enemies252
Who Lurks in Lurkwood245
Tall Tales244
Slack-jawed Lorna214
The Fairy Rings of Thither203
The Witchlight Carnival191
Hither of the Feywild152
The Mad Wizard151
The Everlasting Rime93
The Giant's Bane Tavern81
The Path of Dreams70
The Battle of High Hall Tower60
Beast Intentions51
The Sibriex51
Orcs Are Wild41
Champions of Waterdeep31
Supply Run31
Bel's Forge30
Terror in the Dark21
Building Trust20
Difficult Terrain20
Into The Fire20
Once More Into The Breach20
Friends and Foes10
A Tale of Two Cities01
An Illithid Undertaking01
Ending the Rime - Part 201
Enter the Sargauth01
Lair of the Xanathar01
Tekeli-li's Hunt01
The Lost Hollyphant01
Towering Expectations01

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