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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
BeastThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall336
HumanoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall193
BullywugThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall173
ConstructThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall102
FeyThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall51
GoblinoidThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall20
HobgoblinThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall20
Hit-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall12
Armor-BasedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall02
PlantThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall01
RangedThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightDownfall03

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