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Current Game time: 13:00:41

Choose THEME:

Type Subtype Subsubtype Link for more details
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Alchemist of Calpheon Castle (Melissa Brady's Reading)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Calpheon Xian Merchant Guild (Calpheon Weapon Workshop)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Bank of Hope (Supported by Fredelles Herba)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Stepping Stone to a Higher Class (Vibrant Calpheon Market)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Can Monsters Be Safely Controlled?? (Severo Loggia?s Concerns)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Complacency is a Sin. (Alejandro's Complaints)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Age of Trading (Bahar's Advice)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Currency for Whom? (The Concerns of Northwestern Gateway?s Romano)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)God of Gold: Merchant's Trick (Drifting Among the Heidelians)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Economy of the Working Classes (Heidel Fruit Display Stand)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Respectable Business Ethics (For Trading at the Western Camp)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)First Step to Becoming a Merchant (Book That Really Impressed Bahar)
AcademicsAcademicsEconomy I (2 Energy)Slum in the City (Herald Rubin's Information)

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