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Starmie Pokemon DEX, GEN, and location checklist


33 results. (1000 max)
DEX↕️ ✔️ Name↕️ Game↕️ Location↕
121StarmieMoonRoute 7 (SOS Battle)
121StarmieWhiteRoute 13 (Surfing on rippling water)
121StarmieBlack2Route 13, Undella Town, Humilau City (Surfing on rippling water)
121StarmieWhite2Route 13, Undella Town, Humilau City (Surfing on rippling water)
121StarmieXRoute 8 (Super Rod)
121StarmieOmegaRubyEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieAlphaSapphireEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieSunRoute 7 (SOS Battle)
121StarmieBlackRoute 13 (Surfing on rippling water)
121StarmieUltraSunRoute 7, Hano Beach (SOS Battle)
121StarmieUltraMoonRoute 7, Hano Beach (SOS Battle)
121StarmieLetsGoPikachuRoutes 18, 19, 21 (Sea Skim)
121StarmieLetsGoEeveeRoutes 18, 19, 21 (Sea Skim)
121StarmieSwSh-DLCFields of Honor, Challenge Beach (Wanderer)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure)
121StarmieRedEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieSoulSilverEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieHeartGoldEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmiePlatinumEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmiePearlEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieDiamondEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieLeafGreenEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieEmeraldEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieSapphireEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieRubyEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieCrystalEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieSilverEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieGoldEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieYellowEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)
121StarmieBlueEvolve Staryu (Water Stone)

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