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X Pokemon DEX, GEN, and location checklist


493 results. (1000 max)
DEX↕️ ✔️ Name↕️ Game↕️ Location↕
1BulbasaurXProf. Sycamore
2IvysaurXFriend Safari (Grass)
3VenusaurXEvolve Ivysaur (Lv. 32)
4CharmanderXProf. Sycamore
5CharmeleonXFriend Safari (Fire)
6CharizardXEvolve Charmeleon (Lv. 36)
7SquirtleXProf. Sycamore
8WartortleXFriend Safari (Water)
9BlastoiseXEvolve Wartortle (Lv. 36)
10CaterpieXSantalune Forest
11MetapodXEvolve Caterpie (Lv. 7)
12ButterfreeXFriend Safari (Bug)
13WeedleXRoute 2, Santalune Forest
14KakunaXSantalune Forest, Friend Safari (Poison)
15BeedrillXEvolve Kakuna (Lv. 10)
16PidgeyXRoutes 2, 3, Friend Safari (Flying)
17PidgeottoXEvolve Pidgey (Lv. 18)
18PidgeotXEvolve Pidgeotto (Lv. 36)
21SpearowXFriend Safari (Flying)
22FearowXVictory Road (Flying shadow)
23EkansXRoute 14 (Horde encounter)
24ArbokXRoute 19 (Horde encounter)
25PikachuXSantalune Forest, Route 3, Friend Safari (Electric)
26RaichuXEvolve Pikachu (Thunder Stone)
27SandshrewXFriend Safari (Ground)
28SandslashXRoute 18, Terminus Cave
29NidoranFXRoute 11 (Horde encounter)
30NidorinaXRoute 11
31NidoqueenXEvolve Nidorina (Moon Stone)
32NidoranMXRoute 11 (Horde encounter)
33NidorinoXRoute 11
34NidokingXEvolve Nidorino (Moon Stone)
35ClefairyXFriend Safari (Fairy)
36ClefableXEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
37VulipxXBreed Ninetales
38NinetalesXFriend Safari (Fire)
39JigglypuffXRoute 20, Pokemon Village, Friend Safari (Fairy)
40WigglytuffXEvolve Jigglypuff (Moon Stone)
41ZubatXConnecting Cave
42GolbatXEvolve Zubat (Lv. 22)
43OddishXRoute 6, Friend Safari (Grass)
44GloomXFriend Safari (Poison)
45VileplumeXEvolve Gloom (Leaf Stone)
46ParasXFriend Safari (Bug)
47ParasectXEvolve Paras (Lv. 24)
48VenonatXBreed Venomoth
49VenomothXFriend Safari (Bug and poison)
50DiglettXBreed Dugtrio
51DugtrioXRoute 13, Friend Safari (Ground)
54PsyduckXRoute 7 (Horde encounter)
Route 22 (Walking and surfing)
55GolduckXEvolve Psyduck (Lv. 33)
56MankeyXFriend Safari (Fighting)
57PrimeapeXEvolve Mankey (Lv. 28)
58GrowlitheXFriend Safari (Fire)
59ArcanineXEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
60PoliwagXRoutes 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, Laverre City, Frost Cavern, Couriway Town, Pokémon Village, Victory Road (Old Rod)
Pokémon Village (Horde encounter)
61PoliwhirlXRoutes 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, Laverre City, Frost Cavern, Couriway Town, Pokémon Village, Victory Road (Good Rod or Super Rod)
Pokémon Village, Frost Cavern, Victory Road (Surfing)
Friend Safari (Water)
62PoliwrathXVictory Road (Super Rod)
63AbraXRoute 5, Friend Safari (Psychic)
64KadabraXEvolve Abra (Lv. 16)
65AlakazamXEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
66MachopXGlittering Cave
67MachokeXFriend Safari (Fighting)
68MachampXEvolve Machoke (Trade)
69BellsproutXRoute 14 (Horde encounter)
70WeepinbellXRoutes 14, 16, 19 (Purple flowers) Route 19 (Yellow flowers, Horce encounter)
71VictreebelXEvolve Weepinbell (Leaf Stone)
72TentacoolXRoutes 8, 12, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City, Shalour City, Azure Bay (Surfing)
73TentacruelXEvolve Tentacool (Lv. 30)
74GeodudeXRoute 18, Terminus Cave, Victory Road (Horde encounter)
75GravelerXRoute 18, Victory Road, Terminus Cave
Route 13, Victory Road (Rock Smash)
76GolemXEvolve Graveler (Trade)
77PonytaXFriend Safari (Fire)
78RapidashXEvolve Ponyta (Lv. 40)
79SlowpokeXRoute 12 (Tall grass, yellow flowers)
Azure Bay (Tall grass, horde encounter)
80SlowbroXEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
81MagnemiteXBreed Magneton or Magnezone
82MagnetonXLost Hotel, Friend Safari (Steel)
83Farfetch'dXTrade Bunnelby in Santalune City
Route 22, Friend Safari (Flying)
84DoduoXRoute 5, Friend Safari (Flying)
85DodrioXEvolve Doduo (Lv. 31)
86SeelXBreed Dewgong
87DewgongXFriend Safari (Ice)
88GrimerXBreed Muk
89MukXFriend Safari (Poison)
90ShellderXBreed Cloyster
91CloysterXFriend Safari (Ice)
92GastlyXBreed Haunter or Gengar
93HaunterXRoutes 14, 19, Frost Cavern, Victory Road
94GengarXEvolve Haunter (Trade)
95OnixXCyllage City (Rock Smash)
Glittering Cave, Friend Safari (Rock)
96DrowzeeXFriend Safari (Psychic)
97HypnoXEvolve Drowzee (Lv. 26)
98KrabbyXFriend Safari (Water)
99KinglerXEvolve Krabby (Lv. 28)
100VoltorbXBreed Electrode
101ElectrodeXLost Hotel, Friend Safari (Electric)
102ExeggcuteXRoute 12, Azure Bay
103ExeggutorXEvolve Exeggcute (Leaf Stone)
104CuboneXGlittering Cave
105MarowakXFriend Safari (Ground)
106HitmonleeXEvolve Tyrogue (Attack higher than Defense)
107HitmonchanXEvolve Tyrogue (Defense higher than Attack)
108LickitungXVictory Road (Cave, Horde encounter)
111RhyhornXGlittering Cave
112RhydonXFriend Safari (Rock)
113ChanseyXFriend Safari (Normal)
114TangelaXFriend Safari (Grass)
115KangaskhanXGlittering Cave
116HorseaXAmbrette Town, Cyllage City (Good Rod)
117SeadraXAmbrette Town, Cyllage City (Super Rod)
118GoldeenXRoutes 3, 22, Parfum Palace (Fishing)
119SeakingXRoutes 3, 22, Parfum Palace (Super Rod)
120StaryuXRoute 8 (Good Rod)
121StarmieXRoute 8 (Super Rod)
122Mr. MimeXReflection Cave
123ScytherXRoute 21
124JynxXFrost Cavern
125ElectabuzzXFriend Safari (Electric)
126MagmarXFriend Safari (Fire)
127PinsirXRoute 12, Friend Safari (Bug)
128TaurosXRoute 12
Route 12 (Horde encounter with Miltank)
129MagikarpXRoutes 3, 22, Parfum Palace (Fishing)
130GyaradosXRoutes 3, 22, Parfum Palace (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Water)
131LaprasXReceived from a man on Route 12
Route 12, Azure Bay (Surfing)
Friend Safari (Ice)
132DittoXPokémon Village, Friend Safari (Normal)
133EeveeXRoute 10, Friend Safari (Normal)
134VaporeonXEvolve Eevee (Water Stone)
135JolteonXEvolve Eevee (Thunder Stone)
136FlareonXEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
142AerodactylXOld Amber
143SnorlaxXRoute 7 (Only one)
144ArticunoXSea Spirit's Den (Only one, if player chose Chespin)
145ZapdosXSea Spirit's Den (Only one, if player chose Fennekin)
146MoltresXSea Spirit's Den (Only one, if player chose Froakie)
147DratiniXRoute 21 (Good Rod)
148DragonairXRoute 21 (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Dragon)
149DragoniteXEvolve Dragonair (Lv. 55)
150MewtwoXUnknown Dungeon (Only one)
152ChikoritaXTrade, Event
154MeganiumXTrade, Event
155CyndaquilXTrade, Event
157TyphlosionXTrade, Event
158TotodileXTrade, Event
161SentretXRoute 6
162FurretXEvolve Sentret (Lv. 15)
163HoothootXFriend Safari (Flying)
164NoctowlXRoute 20, Pokemon Village
165LedybaXRoute 4, Berry Fields, Friend Safari (Bug)
166LedianXEvolve Ledyba (Lv. 18)
167SpinarakXBreed Ariados
168AriadosXVictory Road, Terminum Cave (Swooping)
Friend Safari (Poison)
169CrobatXEvolve Golbat (High friendship)
170ChinchouXAzure Bay, Shalour City (Good Rod)
171LanturnXShalour City, Azure Bay (Super Rod)
172PichuXBreed Pikachu or Raichu
173CleffaXBreed Clefairy or Clefable
174IgglybuffXBreed Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff
175TogepiXFriend Safari (Fairy)
176TogeticXEvolve Togepi (High friendship)
177NatuXBreed Xatu
178XatuXFriend Safari (Psychic)
179MareepXRoute 12 (Horde encounter)
180FlaaffyXEvolve Mareep (Lv. 15)
181AmpharosXEvolve Flaaffy (Lv. 30)
182BellossomXEvolve Gloom (Sun Stone)
183MarillXRoute 3 (Surfing)
184AzumarillXRoute 22, Friend Safari (Water)
185SudowoodoXRoute 20 (Mixed Horde with Trevenant)
186PolitoedXRoute 19 (Super Rod)
187HoppipXRoute 7 (Horde encounter)
188SkiploomXEvolve Hoppip (Lv. 18)
189JumpluffXEvolve Skiploom (Lv. 27)
190AipomXFriend Safari (Normal)
191SunkernXFriend Safari (Grass)
192SunfloraXEvolve Sunkern (Sun Stone)
193YanmaXRoute 10 (Horde encounter)
194WooperXFriend Safari (Ground)
195QuagsireXRoute 14, 19, Friend Safari (Water)
196EspeonXEvolve Eevee (High Friendship (Day))
197UmbreonXEvolve Eevee (High Friendship (Night))
198MurkrowXRoutes 15, 16 (Horde encounter)
199SlowkingXEvolve Slowpoke (Trade with King's Rock)
202WobbuffetXReflection Cave, Friend Safari (Psychic)
203GirafarigXFriend Safari (Psychic)
204PinecoXBreed Forretress
205ForretressXFriend Safari (Steel)
206DunsparceXRoutes 3, 22, Friend Safari (Normal)
207GligarXRoute 19 (Horde encounter)
208SteelixXTrade Luvdisc in Cyllage City
209SnubbullXRoute 10, Friend Safari (Fairy)
210GranbullXEvolve Snubbull (Lv. 23)
211QwilfishXRoute 8 (Super Rod)
212ScizorXEvolve Scyther (Trade with Metal Coat)
213ShuckleXRoute 18, Terminus Cave, Victory Road (Rock Smash)
Friend Safari (Rock)
214HeracrossXFriend Safari (Bug)
215SneaselXRoute 17, Friend Safari (Ice and dark)
216TeddiursaXFriend Safari (Normal)
217UrsaringXRoute 21
218SlugmaXRoute 13 (Rock Smash)
Friend Safari (Fire)
219MagcargoXFriend Safari (Rock)
220SwinubXBreed Piloswine or Mamoswine
221PiloswineXFrost Cavern, Friend Safari (Ice)
222CorsolaXRoute 12 (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Rock)
223RemoraidXRoute 12, Shalour City, Azure Bay (Good Rod)
224OctilleryXRoute 12, Shalour City, Azure Bay (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Water)
225DelibirdXRoute 17, Friend Safari (Ice)
226MantineXEvolve Mantyke (Level with Remoraid in party)
227SkarmoryXVictory Road, Friend Safari (Steel)
228HoundourXRoute 10
229HoundoomXEvolve Houndour (Lv. 24)
230KingdraXEvolve Seadra (Trade with Dragon Scale)
231PhanpyXFriend Safari (Ground)
232DonphanXEvolve Phanpy (Lv. 25)
235SmeargleXRoute 7, Friend Safari (Normal)
236TyrogueXFriend Safari (Fighting)
237HitmontopXEvolve Tyrogue (Attack = Defense)
238SmoochumXFrost Cavern (Horce encounter)
239ElekidXBreed Electabuzz or Electivire
240MagbyXBreed Magmar or Magmortar
241MiltankXRoute 12
242BlisseyXEvolve Chansey (High friendship)
246LarvitarXBreed Pupitar or Tyranitar
247PupitarXFriend Safari (Rock)
248TyranitarXEvolve Pupitar (Lv. 55)
249LugiaXTrade, Event
255TorchicXTrade, Event
261PoochyenaXBreed Mightyena
262MightyenaXRoute 15, Friend Safari (Dark)
263ZigzagoonXRoute 2
264LinooneXEvolve Zigzagoon (Lv. 20)
265WurmpleXBreed Cascoon, Dustox or Beautifly
266SilcoonXEvolve Wurmple (Lv. 7)
267BeautiflyXFriend Safari (Bug)
268CascoonXFriend Safari (Poison)
269DustoxXEvolve Cascoon (Lv. 10)
270LotadXBreed Lombre or Ludicolo
271LombreXRoutes 15, 16, 21, Couriway Town, Pokémon Village, Victory Road (Surfing)
Pokémon Village (Horde Encounter)
272LudicoloXEvolve Lombre (Water Stone)
273SeedotXBreed Nuzleaf or Shiftry
274NuzleafXFriend Safari (Dark)
275ShiftryXEvolve Nuzleaf (Leaf Stone)
276TaillowXRoute 8 (Horde encounter)
277SwellowXEvolve Taillow (Lv. 22)
278WingullXRoutes 8, 12, Azure Bay (Horde encounter)
279PelipperXEvolve Wingull
280RaltsXRoute 4
281KirliaXFriend Safari (Fairy)
282GardevoirXEvolve Kirlia (Lv. 30)
283SurskitXBreed Masquerain
284MasquerainXRoute 3 (Surfing)
Friend Safari (Bug)
285ShroomishXBreed Breloom
286BreloomXFriend Safari (Fighting)
290NincadaXRoute 6, Friend Safari (Ground)
291NinjaskXEvolve Nincada (Lv. 20)
292ShedinjaXEvolve Nincada (Lv. 20 with empty slot in party and spare Poke Ball)
293WhismurXConnecting Cave
294LoudredXFriend Safari (Normal)
295ExploudXEvolve Loudred (Lv. 40)
296MakuhitaXBreed Hariyama
297HariyamaXRoute 11, Friend Safari (Fighting)
298AzurillXRoutes 3, 22
299NosepassXRoute 10 (Horde encounter)
Friend Safari (Rock)
300SkittyXRoute 4
301DelcattyXEvolve Skitty (Moon Stone)
302SableyeXReflection Cave, Friend Safari (Dark)
303MawileXGlittering Cave, Friend Safari (Steel and Fairy)
304AronXTerminus Cave (Horde encounter)
305LaironXRoute 18, Terminus Cave
306AggronXEvolve Lairon (Lv. 42)
307MedititeXConnecting Cave, Friend Safari (Fighting)
308MedichamXEvolve Meditite (Lv. 37)
310ManectricXFriend Safari (Electric)
311PlusleXRoute 5 (Tall grass or horde encounter)
312MinunXRoute 5 (Horde encounter)
313VolbeatXRoute 7, Berry fields, Safari Zone (Bug)
314IllumiseXRoute 7, Berry fields, Friend Safari (Bug)
315RoseliaXRoute 7
316GulpinXRoute 5
317SwalotXFriend Safari (Poison)
318CarvanhaXRoute 22 (Good Rod)
319SharpedoXRoute 22 (Super Rod)
320WailmerXCyllage City, Ambrette Town, Route 8 (Surfing)
321WailordXEvolve Wailmer (Lv. 40)
322NumelXBreed Camerupt
323CameruptXFriend Safari (Ground)
324TorkoalXRoute 18
325SpoinkXRoute 8
326GrumpigXFriend Safari (Psychic)
327SpindaXRoute 21
Route 21 (Horde encounter)
328TrapinchXRoute 13, Friend Safari (Ground)
329VibravaXEvolve Trapinch (Lv. 35)
330FlygonXEvolve Vibrava (Lv. 45)
331CacneaXBreed Cacturne
332CacturneXFriend Safari (Dark)
333SwabluXRoute 21 (Horde encounter)
334AltariaXRoute 21
335ZangooseXRoute 8
336SeviperXRoute 8, Friend Safari (Poison)
337LunatoneXGlittering Cave
338SolrockXGlittering Cave
339BarboachXRoute 14, Route 19 (Good Rod)
340BarboachXRoutes 14, 19 (Super Rod)
341CorphishXRoute 3, Parfum Palace (Good Rod)
342CrawdauntXRote 3, Parfum Palace (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Dark)
345LileepXRoot Fossil
346CradilyXEvolve Lileep (Lv. 40)
347AnorithXClaw Fossil
348ArmaldoXEvolve Anorith (Lv. 40)
352KecleonXRoute 6, Friend Safari (Normal)
353ShuppetXFriend Safari (Ghost)
354BanetteXPokemon Village (Trash cans)
355DuskullXBreed Dusclops
356DusclopsXFriend Safari (Ghost)
357TropiusXFriend Safari (Flying)
358ChimechoXEvolve Chingling (High friendship at night)
359AbsolXRoute 8, Friend Safari (Dark)
360WynautXBreed Wobbuffet (Lax Incense)
361SnoruntXFriend Safari (Ice)
362GlalieXEvolve Snorunt (Lv. 42)
363SphealXFriend Safari (Ice)
364SealeoXEvolve Spheal (Lv. 32)
365WalreinXEvolve Sealeo (Lv. 44)
366ClamperlXRoute 12 (Good Rod)
367HuntailXRoute 12 (Super Rod)
368GorebyssXEvolve Clamperl (Trade with Deep Sea Scale)
369RelicanthXAmbrette Town, Cyllage City (Super Rod)
370LuvdiscXRoutes 8, 12, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City, Shalour City, Azure Bay (Old Rod)
371BagonXRoute 8
372ShelgonXFriend Safari (Dragon)
373SalamenceXEvolve Shelgon (Lv. 50)
374BeldumXBreed Metang or Metagross
375MetangXFriend Safari (Steel)
376MetagrossXEvolve Metang (Lv. 45)
381LatiosXTrade, Event
382KyogreXTrade, Event
383GroudonXTrade, Event
384RayquazaXTrade, Event
396StarlyXRoute 11 (Horde encounter)
397StaraviaXRoute 11
398StaraptorXEvolve Staravia (Lv. 34)
399BidoofXRoutes 3, 22
400BibarelXRoute 22 (Yellow flowers), Friend Safari (Water)
403ShinxXBreed Luxio or Luxray
404LuxioXFriend Safari (Electric)
405LuxrayXEvolve Luxio (Lv. 30)
406BudewXRoute 4
407RoseradeXEvolve Roselia (Shiny Stone)
408CranidosXSkull Fossil
409RampardosXEvolve Cranidos (Lv. 30)
410ShieldonXArmor Fossil
411BastiodonXEvolve Shieldon (Lv. 30)
412BurmyXRoute 3, Berry fields (Green Berry trees)
413WormadamXEvolve Burmy (Lv. 20, female)
414MothimXEvolve Burmy (Lv. 20, male)
415CombeeXRoute 4, Berry fields, Friend Safari (Bug)
416VespiquenXEvolve Combee (Lv. 21, female)
417PachirisuXRoute 12, Friend Safari (Electric)
418BuizelXBreed Floatzel
419FloatzelXRoutes 15, 16, 21, Frost Cavern, Couriway Town, Victory Road (Surfing)
Friend Safari (Water)
422ShellosXBreed Gastrodon (West Sea)
Trade (East Sea)
423GastrodonXFriend Safari (Ground; West Sea)
424AmbipomXEvolve Aipom (Level with Double Hit)
425DrifloonXRoute 8
426DrifblimXFriend Safari (Ghost)
430HonchkrowXEvolve Murkrow (Dusk Stone)
433ChinglingXRoute 11, Reflection Cave
434StunkyXRoute 11
435SkuntankXEvolve Stunky (Lv. 34)
436BronzorXBreed Bronzong
437BronzongXFriend Safari (Steel)
438BonslyXBreed Sudowoodo holding a Rock Incense
439Mime Jr.XReflection Cave (Horde encounter)
440HappinyXBreed Chansey or Blissey holding a Luck Incense
441ChatotXRoute 12, Azure Bay
442SpiritombXFriend Safari (Ghost)
443GibleXRoute 13
444GabiteXFriend Safari (Dragon)
445GarchompXEvolve Gabite (Lv. 48)
446MunchlaxXBreed Snorlax holding a Full Incense
447RioluXRoute 22, Friend Safari (Fighting)
448LucarioXEvolve Riolu (High friendship during the day)
449HippopotasXRoute 9
450HippowdonXEvolve Hippopotas (Lv. 34)
451SkorupiXRoutes 14, 15, 16
452DrapionXRoute 19, Friend Safari (Poison)
453CroagunkXRoute 7
454ToxicroakXFriend Safari (Poison)
455CarnivineXRoutes 14, 19
458MantykeXRoute 12, Shalour City, Azure Bay (Surfing)
459SnoverXRoute 17, Friend Safari (Ice)
460AbomasnowXRoute 17
461WeavileXEvolve Sneasel (Level with Razor Claw at night)
462MagnezoneXEvolve Magneton (Special Magnetic Field)
463LickilickyXEvolve Lickitung (Level with Rollout)
464RhyperiorXEvolve Rhydon (Trade with Protector)
465TangrowthXEvolve Tangela (Level with Ancient Power)
466ElectivireXEvolve Electabuzz (Trade with Electirizer)
467MagmortarXEvolve Magmar (Trade with Magmarizer)
468TogekissXEvolve Togetic (Shiny Stone)
469YanmegaXEvolve Yanma (Level with Ancient Power)
470LeafeonXEvolve Eevee (Moss Rock)
471GlaceonXEvolve Eevee (Ice Rock)
472GliscorXEvolve Gligar (Level with Razor Fang at night)
473MamoswineXEvolve Piloswine (Level up with Ancient Power)
475GalladeXEvolve Kirlia (Male, Dawn Stone)
476ProbopassXEvolve Nosepass (Special Magnetic Field)
477DusknoirXEvolve Dusclops (Trade with Reaper Cloth)
478FroslassXEvolve Snorunt (Female, Dawn Stone)
479RotomXLost Hotel (Trash Cans)
483DialgaXTrade, Event
484PalkiaXTrade, Event
487GiratinaXTrade, Event
489PhioneXBreed Manaphy

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