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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
80SlowbroMoonKala'e Bay (SOS Battle)
80SlowbroWhiteAbundant Shrine (Surfing in rippling water)
80SlowbroBlack2Evolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroWhite2Evolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroXEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroYEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroOmegaRubyEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroAlphaSapphireEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroSunKala'e Bay (SOS Battle)
80SlowbroBlackAbundant Shrine (Surfing in rippling water)
80SlowbroUltraSunKala'e Bay (SOS Battle)
80SlowbroUltraMoonKala'e Bay (SOS Battle)
80SlowbroLetsGoPikachuSeafoam Islands
80SlowbroLetsGoEeveeSeafoam Islands
80SlowbroSwordEvolve Slowpoke (Galarica Cuff) (Galarian)
Trade (Kantonian)
80SlowbroShieldEvolve Slowpoke (Galarica Cuff) (Galarian)
Trade (Kantonian)
80SlowbroSwSh-DLCEvolve Slowpoke (Galarica Cuff) (Galarian)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure) (Kantonian)
80SlowbroRedRoute 23, Cerulean Cave (Super Rod) Seafoam Islands (Walking)
80SlowbroSoulSilverSlowpoke Well, Safari Zone, Seafoam Islands
80SlowbroHeartGoldSlowpoke Well, Safari Zone, Seafoam Islands
80SlowbroPlatinumEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroPearlEvolve Slowpoke (Lv. 37)
80SlowbroLeafGreenCerulean Cave, Berry Forest (Surfing)
Seafoam Islands, Cape Brink (Tall grass, surfing)
Cinnabar Island (Super Rod)
80SlowbroCrystalSlowpoke Well (Surfing)
80SlowbroSilverSlowpoke Well (Surfing)
80SlowbroGoldSlowpoke Well (Surfing)
80SlowbroYellowRoutes 12, 13 (Surfing) Seafoam Islands (Walking)
80SlowbroBlueRoute 23, Cerulean Cave (Super Rod) Seafoam Islands (Walking)

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