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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
27SandshrewMoonMount Lanakila, Tapu Village
27SandshrewWhiteBreed Sandslash
27SandshrewBlack2Desert Resort, Relic Castle
27SandshrewWhite2Desert Resort, Relic Castle
27SandshrewXFriend Safari (Ground)
27SandshrewYFriend Safari (Ground)
27SandshrewOmegaRubyRoutes 111, 113
27SandshrewAlphaSapphireRoutes 111, 113
27SandshrewBlackBreed Sandslash
27SandshrewUltraMoonMount Lanakila, Tapu Village
27SandshrewLetsGoPikachuRoutes 3, 4 (Kantonian)
Trade Sandshrew in Celadon City (Alolan)
27SandshrewSwSh-DLCWarm-Up Tunnel (Kantonian)
Challenge Beach, Courageous Cavern (Max Raid Battle) (Kantonian)
Reward for finding 30 Alolan Diglett (Alolan)
27SandshrewSoulSilverSafari Zone, Goldenrod Game Corner
27SandshrewHeartGoldUnion Cave, Mt. Moon, Safari Zone
27SandshrewPlatinumWayward Cave (LeafGreen)
27SandshrewPearlWayward Cave (LeafGreen)
27SandshrewDiamondWayward Cave (LeafGreen)
27SandshrewLeafGreenRoutes 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 23
27SandshrewFireRedTrade, Event
27SandshrewEmeraldRoute 111, Mirage Tower
27SandshrewSapphireRoutes 111, 113
27SandshrewRubyRoutes 111, 113
27SandshrewCrystalRoutes 3, 4, Union Cave, Mt. Moon (Morning/Day)
27SandshrewSilverGoldenrod Game Corner
27SandshrewGoldUnion Cave, Mt. Moon
27SandshrewYellowRoutes 3, 4, Mt. Moon
27SandshrewBlueRoutes 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 23

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