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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
82MagnetonMoonEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonWhiteEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonBlack2P2 Laboratory
82MagnetonWhite2P2 Laboratory
82MagnetonXLost Hotel, Friend Safari (Steel)
82MagnetonYLost Hotel, Friend Safari (Steel)
82MagnetonOmegaRubyEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonAlphaSapphireEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonSunEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonUltraSunEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonUltraMoonEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonLetsGoPikachuPower Plant
82MagnetonLetsGoEeveePower Plant
82MagnetonSwSh-DLCChallenge Road, Training Lowlands (Wanderer)
Fields of Honor, Forest of Focus, Challenge Beach, Brawlers' Cave, Courageous Cavern, Stepping-Stone Sea (Max Raid Battle)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure)
82MagnetonRedPower Plant, Cerulean Cave
82MagnetonSoulSilverCerulean Cave, Safari Zone
Trade Dugtrio in Power Plant
82MagnetonHeartGoldCerulean Cave, Safari Zone
Trade Dugtrio in Power Plant
82MagnetonPlatinumRoute 222, Victory Road
82MagnetonPearlEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonDiamondEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonLeafGreenPower Plant, Cerulean Cave
82MagnetonFireRedPower Plant, Cerulean Cave
82MagnetonEmeraldNew Mauville
82MagnetonSapphireNew Mauville
82MagnetonRubyNew Mauville
82MagnetonCrystalTrade Dugtrio in Power Plant
82MagnetonSilverEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonGoldEvolve Magnemite (Lv. 30)
82MagnetonYellowPower Plant
82MagnetonBluePower Plant, Cerulean Cave

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