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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
136FlareonMoonEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonWhiteTrade, Event
136FlareonBlack2Evolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonWhite2Evolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonXEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonYEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonOmegaRubyEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonAlphaSapphireEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonSunEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonBlackTrade, Event
136FlareonUltraSunEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonUltraMoonEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonLetsGoPikachuEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonLetsGoEeveeEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonSwordLake of Outrage (Wanderer)
Giant's Cap (Max Raid Battles)
136FlareonShieldLake of Outrage (Wanderer)
Giant's Cap (Max Raid Battles)
136FlareonSwSh-DLCGiant's Bed (Wanderer)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure)
136FlareonRedEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonSoulSilverEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonHeartGoldEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonPlatinumEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonPearlEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonDiamondEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonLeafGreenEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonFireRedEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonCrystalEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonSilverEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonGoldEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonYellowEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
136FlareonBlueEvolve Eevee (Fire Stone)

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