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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
148DragonairMoonPoni Gauntlet, Poni Meadow, Vast Poni Canyon (SOS Battle)
148DragonairWhiteDragonspiral Tower (Fishing in rippling water)
148DragonairBlack2Dragonspiral Tower (Fishing in rippling water)
148DragonairWhite2Dragonspiral Tower (Fishing in rippling water)
148DragonairXRoute 21 (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Dragon)
148DragonairYRoute 21 (Super Rod)
Friend Safari (Dragon)
148DragonairSunPoni Gauntlet, Poni Meadow, Vast Poni Canyon (SOS Battle)
148DragonairBlackDragonspiral Tower (Fishing in rippling water)
148DragonairUltraSunPoni Gauntlet, Poni Meadow (SOS Battle)
148DragonairUltraMoonPoni Gauntlet, Poni Meadow (SOS Battle)
148DragonairLetsGoPikachuRoute 10 (Sea Skim)
148DragonairLetsGoEeveeRoute 10 (Sea Skim)
148DragonairSwSh-DLCBallimere Lake (Wanderer)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure)
148DragonairRedEvolve Dratini (Lv. 30)
148DragonairSoulSilverDragon's Den (Super Rod)
148DragonairHeartGoldDragon's Den (Super Rod)
148DragonairPlatinumMt. Coronet (Super Rod)
148DragonairPearlMt. Coronet (Super Rod)
148DragonairDiamondMt. Coronet (Super Rod)
148DragonairLeafGreenSafari Zone (Super Rod)
148DragonairFireRedSafari Zone (Super Rod)
148DragonairCrystalRoute 45, Dragon's Den (Super Rod)
148DragonairSilverRoute 45, Dragon's Den (Super Rod)
148DragonairGoldRoute 45, Dragon's Den (Super Rod)
148DragonairYellowSafari Zone (Super Rod)
148DragonairBlueEvolve Dratini (Lv. 30)

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