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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
36ClefableMoonEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableWhiteGiant Chasm (Rustling grass)
36ClefableBlack2Giant Chasm (Rustling grass)
36ClefableWhite2Giant Chasm (Rustling grass)
36ClefableXEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableYEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableOmegaRubyEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableAlphaSapphireEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableSunEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableBlackGiant Chasm (Rustling grass)
36ClefableUltraSunEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableUltraMoonEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableLetsGoPikachuMt. Moon
36ClefableLetsGoEeveeMt. Moon
36ClefableSwordMotostoke Riverbank (Wanderer)
Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Rolling Fields (Max Raid Battle)
36ClefableShieldMotostoke Riverbank (Wanderer)
Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Rolling Fields (Max Raid Battle)
36ClefableSwSh-DLCGiant's Bed, Snowslide Slope, Tunnel to the Top (Wanderer)
Fields of Honor, Soothing Wetlands, Forest of Focus, Insular Sea, Frostpoint Field, Snowslide Slope, Giant's Bed, Frigid Sea, Ballimere Lake (Max Raid Battle)
Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure)
36ClefableRedEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableSoulSilverEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableHeartGoldEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefablePlatinumEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefablePearlEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableDiamondEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableLeafGreenEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableFireRedEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableCrystalEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableSilverEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableGoldEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableYellowEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
36ClefableBlueEvolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)

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