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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
59ArcanineMoonEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineBlack2Evolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineWhite2Evolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineXEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineYEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineOmegaRubyEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineAlphaSapphireEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineSunEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineUltraSunEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineUltraMoonEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineLetsGoPikachuRoutes 7, 8
59ArcanineLetsGoEeveeVermillion City (Only one)
59ArcanineSwordGiant's Cap (Max Raid Battle)
59ArcanineShieldLake of Outrage
Dusty Bowl, Giant's Cap, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Stony Wilderness (Max Raid Battle)
59ArcanineSwSh-DLCFields of Honor, Challenge Beach, Loop Lagoon, Potbottom Desert, Snowslide Slope, Giant's Bed, Ballimere Lake (Max Raid Battle)
59ArcanineRedEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineSoulSilverEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineHeartGoldEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcaninePlatinumEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcaninePearlEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineDiamondEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineFireRedEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineCrystalEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineGoldEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)
59ArcanineYellowEvolve Growlithe (Fire Stone)

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