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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
65AlakazamMoonEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamWhiteEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamBlack2Trade Hippowdon in Accumula Town
65AlakazamWhite2Evolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamXEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamYEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamOmegaRubyEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamAlphaSapphireEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamSunEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamUltraSunEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamUltraMoonEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamLetsGoPikachuEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamLetsGoEeveeEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamSwSh-DLCLoop Lagoon, Insular Sea (Wanderer)
Soothing Wetlands, Challenge Beach (Max Raid Battle)
65AlakazamRedEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamSoulSilverEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamHeartGoldEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamPlatinumEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamPearlEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamDiamondEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamLeafGreenEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamFireRedEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamEmeraldEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamSapphireEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamRubyEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamCrystalEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamSilverEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamGoldEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamYellowEvolve Kadabra (Trade)
65AlakazamBlueEvolve Kadabra (Trade)

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