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Where to find a certain Pokemon in each game, from GEN-I Red and Blue to GEN-VIII Sword and Shield


33 results. (1000 max)
142AerodactylMoonSeafolk Village (Gift)
142AerodactylWhiteOld Amber
142AerodactylBlack2Old Amber
142AerodactylWhite2Old Amber
142AerodactylXOld Amber
142AerodactylYOld Amber
142AerodactylOmegaRubyOld Amber
142AerodactylAlphaSapphireOld Amber
142AerodactylSunSeafolk Village (Gift)
142AerodactylBlackOld Amber
142AerodactylUltraSunSeafolk Village (Gift)
142AerodactylUltraMoonSeafolk Village (Gift)
142AerodactylLetsGoPikachuOld Amber
142AerodactylLetsGoEeveeOld Amber
142AerodactylSwSh-DLCGiant's Bed (Wanderer)
142AerodactylRedOld Amber
142AerodactylSoulSilverOld Amber
142AerodactylHeartGoldOld Amber
142AerodactylPlatinumOld Amber
142AerodactylPearlOld Amber
142AerodactylDiamondOld Amber
142AerodactylLeafGreenOld Amber
142AerodactylFireRedOld Amber
142AerodactylCrystalTrade Chansey on Route 14
142AerodactylSilverTrade Chansey on Route 14
142AerodactylGoldTrade Chansey on Route 14
142AerodactylYellowOld Amber
142AerodactylBlueOld Amber

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