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Path of Exile Base Armours
11 STR_Helmets Shown
Iron Hat
Level 1
Armour 9
Cone Helmet
Level 7
STR 21
Armour 38
Barbute Helmet
Level 18
STR 42
Armour 92
Close Helmet
Level 26
STR 58
Armour 130
Gladiator Helmet
Level 35
STR 75
Armour 174
Reaver Helmet
Level 40
STR 85
Armour 198
Siege Helmet
Level 48
STR 101
Armour 237
Samite Helmet
Level 55
STR 114
Armour 276
Ezomyte Burgonet
Level 60
STR 138
Armour 346
Royal Burgonet
Level 65
STR 148
Armour 377
Eternal Burgonet
Level 69
STR 138
Armour 373

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