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ALL   STR_Body   STR_Boots   STR_Gloves   STR_Helmets   STR_Shields

DEX_Body   DEX_Boots   DEX_Gloves   DEX_Helmets   DEX_Shields

INT_Body   INT_Boots   INT_Gloves   INT_Helmets   INT_Shields

DEX/INT_Body   DEX/INT_Boots   INT/DEX_Gloves   INT/DEX_Helmets   INT/DEX_Shields

STR/DEX_Body   STR/DEX_Boots   STR/DEX_Gloves   STR/DEX_Helmets   STR/DEX_Shields

STR/INT_Body   STR/INT_Boots   STR/INT_Gloves   STR/INT_Helmets   STR/INT_Shields


Path of Exile Base Armours
9 STR_Boots Shown
Iron Greaves
Level 1
Armour 6
Steel Greaves
Level 9
STR 21
Armour 32
Plated Greaves
Level 23
STR 44
Armour 77
Reinforced Greaves
Level 33
STR 60
Armour 109
Antique Greaves
Level 37
STR 67
Armour 122
Ancient Greaves
Level 46
STR 82
Armour 151
Goliath Greaves
Level 54
STR 95
Armour 177
Vaal Greaves
Level 62
STR 117
Armour 220
Titan Greaves
Level 68
STR 120
Armour 241

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