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Path of Exile Base Armours
10 DEX_Gloves Shown
Rawhide Gloves
Level 3
Evasion 13
Goathide Gloves
Level 9
DEX 17
Evasion 32
Deerskin Gloves
Level 21
DEX 33
Evasion 71
Nubuck Gloves
Level 33
DEX 50
Evasion 109
Eelskin Gloves
Level 38
DEX 56
Evasion 125
Sharkskin Gloves
Level 45
DEX 66
Evasion 148
Shagreen Gloves
Level 54
DEX 78
Evasion 177
Stealth Gloves
Level 62
DEX 97
Evasion 231
Gripped Gloves
Level 70
DEX 95
Evasion 220
(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack Damage
Slink Gloves
Level 70
DEX 95
Evasion 242

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