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Path of Exile Base Armours
10 INT_Gloves Shown
Wool Gloves
Level 3
Energy Shield 4
Velvet Gloves
Level 12
INT 21
Energy Shield 9
Silk Gloves
Level 25
INT 39
Energy Shield 17
Embroidered Gloves
Level 36
INT 54
Energy Shield 24
Satin Gloves
Level 41
INT 60
Energy Shield 27
Samite Gloves
Level 47
INT 68
Energy Shield 30
Conjurer Gloves
Level 55
INT 79
Energy Shield 35
Arcanist Gloves
Level 60
INT 95
Energy Shield 43
Sorcerer Gloves
Level 69
INT 97
Energy Shield 47
Fingerless Silk Gloves
Level 70
INT 95
Energy Shield 43
(12-16)% increased Spell Damage

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