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STR/DEX_Body   STR/DEX_Boots   STR/DEX_Gloves   STR/DEX_Helmets   STR/DEX_Shields

STR/INT_Body   STR/INT_Boots   STR/INT_Gloves   STR/INT_Helmets   STR/INT_Shields


Path of Exile Base Armours
10 STR_Gloves Shown
Iron Gauntlets
Level 1
Armour 6
Plated Gauntlets
Level 11
STR 20
Armour 39
Bronze Gauntlets
Level 23
STR 36
Armour 77
Steel Gauntlets
Level 35
STR 52
Armour 116
Antique Gauntlets
Level 39
STR 58
Armour 129
Ancient Gauntlets
Level 47
STR 68
Armour 154
Goliath Gauntlets
Level 53
STR 76
Armour 174
Vaal Gauntlets
Level 63
STR 100
Armour 232
Titan Gauntlets
Level 69
STR 98
Armour 242
Spiked Gloves
Level 70
STR 95
Armour 220
(16-20)% increased Melee Damage

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