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Path of Exile Base Armours
10 DEX_Helmets Shown
Leather Cap
Level 1
DEX 13
Evasion 19
Level 10
DEX 27
Evasion 53
Leather Hood
Level 20
DEX 46
Evasion 101
Wolf Pelt
Level 30
DEX 66
Evasion 150
Hunter Hood
Level 41
DEX 87
Evasion 203
Noble Tricorne
Level 47
DEX 99
Evasion 232
Ursine Pelt
Level 55
DEX 114
Evasion 276
Silken Hood
Level 60
DEX 138
Evasion 346
Sinner Tricorne
Level 64
DEX 138
Evasion 369
Lion Pelt
Level 70
DEX 150
Evasion 380

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