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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Hit-based
The Oozing Hunger191
The Giant's Bane Tavern132
Elturel Has Fallen62
Trollskull Manor52
A Grand Puzzle42
The Everlasting Rime41
The Botched Kidnapping40
Dwarven Rumors32
Reghed Glacier Mysteries31
The Twilight Grove31
Escort to Waterdeep30
The Immortal Warrior30
Underdeep Cartography30
The Battle of High Hall Tower25
Encroaching Madness24
The Wandering Emporium24
Towering Expectations23
Champions of Waterdeep22
Enter the Sargauth22
Tomb of the Nine Gods22
Attack on the Manor21
Flies on the Wall21
Hither of the Feywild21
Nimble Escape21
The Prince of a Thousand Enemies21
A Mysterious Summons20
A Tale of Two Cities20
Building Trust20
Lair of the Xanathar20
Lost in the Goblin Halls20
Meepo's Quest20
The Dinner Party20
The Lost Love20
The Radiant Nightmare20
Waterdeep Under Siege20
Who Lurks in Lurkwood20
Cold as Ice14
Resolve Amongst Chaos14
The Alien Underdark14
The Rite of the Arcane Octad14
Slack-jawed Lorna14
Elturel's Last Stand13
Friends and Foes13
Frozen Vengeance13
Into The Fire13
Bel's Forge12
Deekin's Mission12
The Bleeding Citadel12
The Darkness Runs Deeper12
The Fairy Rings of Thither12
Thieves of the Coven12
Tower on the Lake12
Waiting on Sunrise12
An Illithid Undertaking11
Backtracking Through Barovia11
Into the Unknown11
Leemooggoogoon Rises11
Lost in the Underdark11
Moose Tracks11
Once More Into The Breach11
The Guardian of Orolunga11
The Lost Heir of Omu11
The Prison of Velkynvelve11
The Silken Swamp11
The Sunless Citadel11
The Wyrmheart Mine11
The Witchlight Carnival11
Vault of Dragons11
Orcs Are Wild10
Rescue in the Jungle10
Tekeli-li's Hunt10
The Dead Three10
The Forbidden City10
The Mad Wizard10
The Fall of Ythryn05
The Lost Hollyphant05
The Sibriex05
Ending the Rime - Part 204
The Spire of Iriolarthas04
Tiamat's Army04
Ending the Rime - Part 102
Excavating History02
Neutral No More02
Tall Tales02
The Dark Heart01
The Path of Dreams02
Déjà Vu01
Hopelessly Lost01
Running of the Saurs01
The Mists of Ravenloft01
The Netherese Necropolis01

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