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Season 2   Trials of Mount Tiamat  
IDLE Champions favored foes with campaign, location and adventure


MeleeLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!376
HumanoidLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!324
RangedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!264
ElfLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!213
FiendLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!154
BeastLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!131
AberrationLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!60
DwarfLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!31
Hit-BasedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!33
StaticLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!30
DevilLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!21
Half-OrcLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!10
Armor-BasedLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01
MonstrosityLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01
DevourerLight of XaryxisXanathaaaaaaar!01

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