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All Favored Foe locations for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms



Type Campaign↕️ Location↕️ Adventure↕️ Waves↕️ Bosses↕️
HumanoidRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight484
DwarfRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight322
QuaggothRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight161
BeastRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight50
MonstrosityRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight53
RangedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight50
ElementalRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight20
Hit-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight22
Armor-BasedRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight01
ConstructRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight02
TieflingRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight01
UndeadRime of the FrostmaidenCaer-KonigSunblight01

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