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IDLE Champions - Mob types and locations

Type Demon
The Bleeding Citadel296
The Battle of High Hall Tower212
Wrecked Flying Fortress212
Elturel's Last Stand182
The Dark Heart181
The Oozing Hunger181
The Wandering Emporium140
Resolve Amongst Chaos120
Elturel Has Fallen110
Leemooggoogoon Rises103
The Cursed Farmer102
The Path of Dreams102
Into The Fire90
The Dead Three90
The Alien Underdark61
Bel's Forge60
Escort to Waterdeep51
Neutral No More51
Supply Run51
The Sibriex51
Unearthed Evil51
Encroaching Madness50
Tiamat's Army50
Orcs Are Wild30
Seeking Allies30
The Immortal Warrior30
A Tale of Two Cities20
The Darkness Runs Deeper20
Waterdeep Under Siege20
The Lost Hollyphant10
Déjà Vu01
Friends and Foes01
Tekeli-li's Hunt01
The Mad Wizard01

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