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Taskmaster Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles


Showing 38 Taskmaster
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✔️ Name Console Spawn
Barsk the Slaver
Beli the Breaker
Bit-Tarkin the Whip
Chieftain Rada
Epos the Torturer
Fric the Trapster
Gothrad the Oathbreaker
Kallas of the Rack
Kapellez Noose-Maker
Karlus the Binder
Kelvan the Bringer of Suffering
Kep-Amut the Merciless
Leo the Monster
Manos, the Handful
Marn the Breaker
Matara Thrall Maker
Misery-Bringer Artan
Naek the Slaver
Olena the Oathmaker
Olena the Oathmaker
Risa the Brutal
Roknori the Unmerciful
Saddur the Slaver
Serak the Headhunter
Shevatas the Merciless
Sir Bowen, Enforcer of Asura
Sirtis the Captor
Skaldgrim of Vanaheim
Spris the Fanged
Tep the Unyielding
Th'aat of Gazal
The Martyr-maker
The Mongrel
The Tyrant of Pelishti
Tormentor Regan
Vanko the Fearsome
Yakinu The Lacerator
Yala the Scarred

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