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Tanner Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles


Showing 31 Tanner
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✔️ Name Console Spawn
Asil Yellow-Fingers
Bregg Hide-flayer
Chieftain Asger
Dalina the Shielded
Devwir Filthy-Rags
Donia, Keeper of the Riddle of Steel
Ezee'Ap Skingrafter
Fakad Hide-Stretcher
Fell Mak-Tet
Firis Flickertongue
Gratt Stinkfinger
Hell Breath
Inigo the Vengeful
Kaud the Leatherworker
Kheral the Tanner
Leatherworker Kh'Urt
Marius Beast-skinner
Master Tanner Callele
Master Tanner Ghazin
Master Tanner Ryi
Master Tanner Trak
Nyle Wolf-Pelt
Oskar Thunderhead
Pelt-Master Itak
Samat The Skinner
Slaid the Scaled
Ulgrim the Tainted
Valenso Da Reyn
Yelkin the Pockmarked
Zarono the Scented

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