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Named T4 Thralls | Weapons | Armor | Tools | Thrall Recipes

Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles
Non-Purge Locations HERE
Sherpa = Bearer ; Dancer = Entertainer

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ProfessionNameFactionRaceSex M:FLocationConsoleID
Sherpa Amzadi the wandererElite_Relic_HunterStygian 0:100Sherpa_Stygian_4
Sherpa Dono'ThelpupElite_Relic_HunterCimmerian 100:0Sherpa_Darfari_4
Sherpa Eina the lightElite_Relic_HunterNordheimer 0:100Sherpa_Shemite_4
Sherpa Fairin of the Wild CoastElite_Relic_HunterZingarian 100:0Sherpa_Zingaran_4
Sherpa Hesth PlainswalkerElite_Relic_HunterStygian 100:0Sherpa_Zamorian_4
Sherpa Kathibria FeatherstepElite_Relic_HunterStygian 0:100Sherpa_Kushite_4
Sherpa Narr GoatfootElite_Relic_HunterCimmerian 100:0Sherpa_Hyrkanian_4
Sherpa Pelor the well-travelledElite_Relic_HunterCimmerian 100:0Sherpa_Hyborian_4
Sherpa Rethrous the BurdenedElite_Relic_HunterCimmerian 100:0Sherpa_Cimmerian_4
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