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Named T4 Thralls | Weapons | Armor | Tools | Thrall Recipes

Named T4 Thralls List for Conan Exiles
Non-Purge Locations HERE
Sherpa = Bearer ; Dancer = Entertainer

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ProfessionNameFactionRaceSex M:FLocationConsoleID
Priest_Yog D'aar the TouchedElite_Darfari_CannibalDarfari 0:100PurgeDaartheTouched
Priest_Yog Gezhe the BlasphemerElite_ExileDarfari 0:100PurgeGezhetheBlasphemer
Priest_Yog Isthis the WitchElite_Votaries_Of_SkelosStygian 0:100PurgeIsthistheWitch
Priest_Yog Kursk the FlesheaterElite_ExileDarfari 100:0Priest_Yog_4_Darfari
Priest_Yog Redil Heart-renderElite_ExileNordheimer 100:0PurgeRedilHeart-render
Priest_Yog S'ton the ShamanElite_Votaries_Of_SkelosKushite 100:0PurgeStontheShaman
Priest_Yog Sensha God-touchedElite_Darfari_CannibalDarfari 0:100PurgeSenshaGod-touched
Priest_Yog Yog's ChosenElite_Darfari_CannibalDarfari 75:25Darfari_Cannibals_Priest_4_Darfari2
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